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The Adventure Cont. - Edward, Thomas and Percy Too

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Here is a promo from the upcoming series "The Adventure Continues":

The Fat Controller had shut Henry, Gordon and James up in the Shed for sulking. Edward and Thomas were working the Main Line. Starting at opposite ends, they pulled the trains, whistling cheerfully to each other as they passed. 

Percy sometimes puffed along the Ffarquhar branch line. Thomas was anxious, but Percy promised to take care of Annie and Clarabel. 

There were fewer trains, but the passengers didn't mind; they knew the big engines were having a lesson.

Henry, Gordon and James stayed shut in the Shed, and were cold, lonely and miserable. They wished now they hadn't been so silly.

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Is it me, or do Annie & Clarabel look longer (and maybe slightly bigger) than usual?

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I made them a bit bigger to represent their bogie coach form from the rws
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SudrianRailwayStudioStudent Digital Artist

Nice Work!

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MidlandsEngineHobbyist Digital Artist
This is wonderful! Well done! 😁
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I really wish the orange and brown passenger coaches from the Railway Series books were in CGI animation too.
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
More Bogie Coaches in the Series would be nice
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Yeah I mean after all surely they would show off more passenger coaches and freight rolling from both the Railway Series books and the first seasons of the original TV series. Wouldn't you agree?
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Yeah, even the Series 1 budget allowed more rolling stock than the free CGI coaches in the CGI series.
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And also I was very surprised that Annie and Clarabel looked rather different compared to both the Railway Series books and this version of them in the TV series and in CGI.
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I remember the old coaches from Season 1 had green and yellow on one side and LNER teak on the other side due to budget issues.

cartagj001's avatar
I do remember those coaches as well as in the Railway Series books there were also orange passenger coaches with white and sometimes grey roofs and grey buffers.
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Blue-J-ArtHobbyist Traditional Artist

I think this is a very special picture :love:

The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Why is it special to you?
Blue-J-Art's avatar
Blue-J-ArtHobbyist Traditional Artist

Just that it captures a great moment from one of the best episodes of Season 1

The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Thank you. I really love this scene.

I wish the big engines strike lasted longer and we got a whole story about Edward Thomas and Percy running the whole railway, not just an epilogue.
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I always liked this scene in the series :)

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Little Engines Can Do Big Things!

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thatonebountyhunterHobbyist Traditional Artist
Trouble in the sheds and Percy runs away are my favourite season 1 episodes
Ry-BluePony1's avatar

Serves the big engines right for being stubborn and silly

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Common Tank Engines Indeed!
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And small tender engines.

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