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Skarloey Railway Engines RWS Liveries

All engines modified by me.

CGI Duncan created by me.

CGI Ivo Hugh created by me.

CGI Duke created by someone else but modified by me. Credit to them.

The rights to Thomas and Friends belongs to Mattel.
This image is not for profit.
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© 2020 - 2021 The-ARC-Minister
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Hey,where is Fred and Mark V?

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I thought you were making them...
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btw i have fred as a custom,mark v is scrapped

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Interesting, I imagine Ivo having a Ryan-like face, because of how young he is

Just one more thing to fix: shouldn't Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, & Duncan have oval-shaped buffers like Gordon (even though Clive Spong gave Peter Sam circular buffers later on)?

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I did think of that after I posted it...
Maybe I’ll add them later
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Outstanding Work on those! Especially Ivo Hugh.

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Duke Meaning David??

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Love the CGI Ivo Hugh!

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Ivo Hugh looks neat! Though in my opinion, I'm not a fan of the bulbous nose. If it were like Skarloey, Rheneas or Sir Handel's, it'd look perfect to me.

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His nose is like that in the illustrations and it is actually smaller than Skarloey’s nose.

Or did you not mean bulbous size wise but bulbous shape and nostrils wise?...
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I love it!!! This is amazing!

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how would you paint Ivo Hugh if he were in the TV series?

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The most popular colour I have seen suggested is "Purple with white lining".

I’d have him Bright Yellow with Blue Lining like Rheneas at the end of BMM.

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I have it like that

TV series Ivo Hugh
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Nice font on the engines' names

why comic sans in particular? because it looks the closest to hand painted lettering?

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I thought that font looked the closest to the Railway Series illustrations.

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cool also how'd did you got ivo hugh in cgi

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