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RWS Style - Toby

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I for one am most upset that Toby didn't get the update like the rest of the Steam Team did in Series 23. So enjoy this.

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big-j-seedNew Deviant

In order to make him stand out more, why not make the wooden frames on him (that are on his windows and doors) painted red like how the other engines have red lining?

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SudrianRailwayStudioStudent Digital Artist

Nice one!

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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist

I'm kinda surprised they haven't added the blue yet, as the added color would probably make for more toy sales.

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That is an excellent point! WTH was Toby kicked out of the "Steam Team"? Edward and Henry were given reasons (even though the latter was reduced to a mere "passerby" comment while the former got practically an entire episode), so why the hell was Toby practically forgotten about?!

You know, I wasn't always a fan of the blue on Toby in the books, but upon seeing it again I'd say that it suits him. Very nicely done!.

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Yet Toby is STILL in the season 22 - onwards Engine Roll Call as Mattel haven’t got a female character to make an 8th character to complete the 8 steam team.

(Maybe Mattel could replace James with two female red engine characters to make the steam team equal)

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Really? Well, I've never seen the series recently, so I wouldn't know. Kinda surprised that Flora was brought back. Then again, they used Vinnie as the "North American" competitor in the GREAT RACE, when he's actually Canadian and they could've broguth Hank back, who actually is an American engine.

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railyardman11 Digital Artist

what about donald and douglas?

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Box-FredHobbyist Digital Artist

any RWS vibes anyone?

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I'd love this to happen, the blue is very soft to look at and nicely weathered too. I'm glad you resized his face too, too many characters with MASSIVE faces -_-

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What's next, Duck getting S23 details?

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railyardman11 Digital Artist

hmmm, who's next?

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thatonebountyhunterHobbyist Traditional Artist
I prefer the blue
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EuanM2Student Writer

Looks more like his RWS counterpart.

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Yes, what should I rename this series?
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EuanM2Student Writer

Series 23 RWS Style? :D

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