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RWS Style - Henry

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I for one am most upset that Henry didn't get the update like the rest of the Steam Team did in Series 23. So I started adding rivets to Henry but then I ended up giving him a whole Green-5 conversion. Let me know what you think.

Do you want me to do Edward as well? And should I give just him extra rivets or do a full FR K2 Class "Larger Seagull" makeover?
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MrSpace43-CelestiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this so much.
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big-j-seedNew Deviant

I think you should make Duck a much darker green like in real life.

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Henry, after going to Crewe for “further work”

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This looks stunning, and does justice to Henry.

And I, too, am aggravated that Henry AND Edward weren't given updates to their CGI models. I guess since Nia and Rebecca took their places, NWR's No.2 and No.3 are just an afterthought to Mattel.

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AntonioAlexisHuertaHobbyist Writer

Henry looks magnificent this way, I wish the TV series made him look like this since season 1.

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This is how Mattel should've made Henry, it looks awesome, The-ARC-Minister!

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I would LOVE if they would at least fix his windows after all these years and years and years.

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EndlessWire94Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I see you gave him the fish train headcode - I'd like to see that on Arthur if he ever returned.

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Since Series 17 when they gave the Engines lamps, I always thought they should give Gordon the Express Headcode and Henry the goods (fish) train headcode.

Then they gave Gordon the correct headcode in Series 23 but not Henry :cries:

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railyardman11 Digital Artist

OOH, no wonder the old tomy henry had two lamps instead of one...

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He looks awesome!
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oldwarriorproductionHobbyist Filmographer

Oh lord yes I love this man.

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SudrianRailwayStudioStudent Digital Artist


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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist

Looks great!

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This looks amazing! Henry NEEDS this treatment!

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Henry is my favourite character but those wheel archs on him and the small firebox has always annoyed me, hence this update
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Not to mention that massive gap under his cab.

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I'd love to get this as a proper update for Henry (for all of them if they can get a more RWS style look to them, minus Thomas because I doubt they're gonna straighten out his running plate). Also good to see you're still here :)

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Yes I’m still here. Just my interest in the current series is quite low. But I will always love the RWS characters and the classic series and Series 17-21
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Number1thomasfanHobbyist Digital Artist

If you do Edward, He Should get the full FR K2 Class Makeover Treatment

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I’m working on Edward right now. He’s not finished but he is looking good.
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SuperBlueGuyStudent Traditional Artist

I was more disappointed than upset. But I think Mattel should really do this update for Henry, it's a great concept edit.

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Mattel is really messing with the fans.
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SuperBlueGuyStudent Traditional Artist

Because they didn't give Henry and Edward updates? Look, I know what I said gives me the impression Mattel should really do this. I did not say this because I am on the Mattel hate bandwagon like an idiot, I said that because I was interested and impressed.

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