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RWS Style - Edward

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I for one am most upset that Edward didn't get the update like the rest of the Steam Team did in Series 23. So enjoy this.

The rights to Thomas and Friends belongs to Mattel.
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Stikbot1992Hobbyist Digital Artist

The Adventure Goes On looks great.

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SudrianRailwayStudioStudent Digital Artist

Good one!

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Nice idea but kids will not recognise Edward in this format

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If an Engine is blue with a number 1, kids will call it Thomas. No matter the shape. So I think they would recognise a number 2 blue engine.
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Okay, just pondering

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theotherotherlineHobbyist Digital Artist

why he so short?

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I lowered his Boiler and Smokebox to be more like his basis.

His funnel and dome were enlarged so they’re the same height as tvs Edward
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It always amazes me how fan works can be a hundred times better than the "official" content. But then again, since when has Mattel EVER valued quality over quantity?

Edward looks amazing in the upgrade that he so rightfully deserves.

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austintheredterrierHobbyist General Artist

wow. this is incredible edits! i bet you use photoshop, anyway on a last note, this is outstanding art!

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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist

I'm sure he'll get it eventually.

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Yes, and also, his tender looks different.

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This looks amazing, The-ARC-Minister! Your work is outstanding! :-) Also, love your T.A.C remakes, you make them really nicely as if Mattel should've made them in the past! I would want to make the same remakes like you, if you don't mind.

The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Be my guest. I love to see when you and others make CGI remakes.
BrianLee72945's avatar

Thank you, what episode would you like me to make The-ARC-Minister?

The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Something from Series 3?
BrianLee72945's avatar

Ooh, there are 26 episodes in Season 3, but I don't know which episode to start with.

The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Just choose a RWS episode then 🤷🏼‍♂️
BrianLee72945's avatar

Okay then, I'll do that. (But it won't be easy since this is my first time and I've never done anything like this before.)

The-ARC-Minister's avatar
I usually pick a favourite episode then find the best pictures to adapt into a CGI version
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railyardman11 Digital Artist

Thank you.

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JamestheRedEngine91Hobbyist General Artist


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JaytheFox99Hobbyist Digital Artist

Wow, this looks great! :D

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EndlessWire94Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Looks great. :)

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