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Cab-less Skarloey

Also see Cab-less Rheneas (…)

As requested by

2/2/2017 update: Changed nameplate to blue.
2/2/2017 update: Removed trailing wheels.
3/2/2017 update: Changes dome and funnel ring to brass.
5/2/2017 update: Removed sandboxes and the back, changed numberplate to blue and added brass bar at the back.

The rights to Thomas and Friends belongs to Hit Entertainment. This image is not for profit.
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SudrianRailwayStudio's avatar
Looks realistic and smooth.
tweetsie12's avatar
looks good, and believable.
GBHtrain's avatar
if they should make an adventure begins style film for the narrow gauge railway, this is how i want skarloey to look with his introduction
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
I have always wanted a proper CGI remake of the Skarloey Engines stories. :boogie:
RandomSketchGeek247's avatar
Ditto :D I'd love to see all of the RWS stories done properly :D
explosivecookie's avatar
Dunno how possible it is - but if you want to make this perfect you'll want to remove the splashers and running board up to the smokebox. Other than that - VERY impressive! Very good job!
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
I hate you for pointing that out. No I'll be upset until it is fixed.
explosivecookie's avatar
I completely understand what you're going through.

I'm truly sorry.
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Don't worry. I had thought about removing the running board before but I just had no idea how to.
DragonLeader1's avatar
Now here's another challenge. You don't have to do this one. Anyways, this is the challenge: Make a cabless rheneas. This is just a suggestion. You DON'T have to do it. IF you do it, you will get more popular. Repeat, you don't have to do the challenge.
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Yeah, I don't have to do the challenge.
BUT I AM AWESOME!!!  :boogie:
SleeperAgent1's avatar
.....and so modest too 4 out of 5 dentists recommend brushing your teeth! 
In all seriousness he looks pretty nifty, really do hope they do a Very Old Engines arc somewhere in the not too distant future :) Out of curiosity how did you get around the extra background issue? Did you crop and clone into the void area of where the cab was, like I would do on such an edit or are there some blank promo versions of the various TTTE backgrounds floating about out in the ether?
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Sorry about the late reply, you didn't reply to my comment so I didn't get the notification.

Yes, there is a blank background image of the quarry. I just had to get the images of Skarloey and Rheneas, then merge and rescale the blank image over the top so it matches then erase where the engines were, to get "cabless" versions of them. The blank image was slightly too small so I had to manually remove the back of Skarloey's cab by using "Content aware fill" in Photoshop and some additional tweaking.

There are several blank promo images of Sudrian locations on the Thomas Wikia (…) namely Blue Mountain Quarry and Daisy Halt. Some promo shots are used so often, with the locomotives positioned in slightly different spots, that you can merge all the blank spots together to get a full blank image. I got the background of this image using that technique (…).
SleeperAgent1's avatar
Ah right, some things with DA I'm still not quite up to speed on, thought if I replied on the above box instead it messes the ordering up and starts multiple conversations in your notification box (or something like that).

I see about the multiple promo images. My technique is a little different as I use Word Document to do all the layering first and I have Pixelmator instead of Photoshop or Gimp but whatever gets you to the finish line :D (Big Grin)    
Steam-Powered-Cyborg's avatar
Words can not describe how amazing this is.
DragonLeader1's avatar
Great work, but didn't you know that when skarloey was cabless, he had only four wheels, hmm?
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
Shoot! I knew that. Rookie mistake, I have now removed it.
DragonLeader1's avatar
Good! Now Skarloey looks even more Victorian era!!!;) (Wink) :) (Smile) Clap 
ThreeRiverEngines's avatar
Skarloey's twin, Talyllyn was originally cabless when built in 1864, and then, was fitted with an extra pair of wheels. His cab wasn't fitted at the same time of getting his extra wheels. :)
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
I am pretty sure that Talyllyn/Skarloey got their cabs when they were sent back to the works to get the trailing wheels to stop bounciness.
Awdry even wrote about it in "Very Old Engines".
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