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Fractal Art: How We Grew Up

Fri Aug 8, 2014, 8:33 AM by tatasz:icontatasz:


Just a little story of how the fractal art galleries and, of course, all the awesome artists grew up :hug:.
I couldn´t include all works that deserved to be here, since it would require quite a big number of posts :hug: Hope you fractal artists will help to complete it, by writing your own 10 years story feature :la:
So, lets start with...

10 years ago

Death is an Angel by Sya Sanctuary by rougeux La Derniere Fois - Partie 1 by EtienneSaintAmant

9 years ago

Cubik Olympic by DigitalPainters Cherries on a Vine by onebadpenny Rainbow Ocean. by Thelma1 Spineshank by MelonLogic

8 years ago

Fall.... by Gurly Blossoming Joy by NatalieKelsey Exclusion with Sadness by denise-g 
Indigo Soul by Lilyas Awakening PRINT by Lilyas Passion by JLarenART

7 years ago

Melt the Ice by Zueuk -Air- by silwenka The dream of a butterfly by titiavanbeugen
Fusion Redux by Traelium Star Burst by x-seraphin Furnace by Aexion

6 years ago

Mitosis by ibon16 Nexus by NinthTaboo Le Paradigme du Temps by EtienneSaintAmant
The King of Spades by Fiery-Fire try by philsh Thaumaturgy by Val-Cali

5 years ago

The Manhattan Project by Jeddaka Juice by rougeux Northern Symphony by magnusti78
Jade Garden by Phoenix-22 Nature by Naviretlav

4 years ago

CLASSIFIED by Translucent-Image Flower II by lucid-light Sunset Lullaby by lindelokse InBox by Naviretlav
No Boundaries by Beesknees67 Mobius Wave by SaTaNiA Blur Mania: Macro Explosion by XSindy

3 years ago

Queen of the Rain by lindelokse Hiver de Neige by heavenriver Rainy night on Ice Cold Ocean by marthig
The Ride of 'La Navidad' by raysheaf icecream by vepman Balloon launcher by hmn

2 years ago

 Layered Dreams by raysheaf Light of night by fractist
Song of the Sun by seven-s Encapsulation 1 by MarkJayBee Yes it's a fractal by netgenetics

1 year ago

seductress by lyc Revelation by Juniae The MOTHER, the Son, and the Moon and the DNA... by MANDELWERK
Antique Forge by C-91 Macro Galaxy by zy0rg STARS ARE FALLING by d-b-c
Dance No.4 for floating windows by Vidom Volcano Tempting by ChaosFissure Alien plant by lucid-light


Lament by ChaosFissure Sci-fi City by cat-meff
snow queen by jagerion 
 Near another planet by KPEKEP  Gray winter morning. by Kondratij
Laatikko by C-91 Aesthetic Scene by SallySlips



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UF-Chall Brew by Lupsiberg
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Our Mission

Official group of the #Aposhack chat!

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We've set up 4 folders for submissions to start, Apo, UF, Mandelbulb, and FE. If there is another fractal program you'd like to share parameters for, just note us and we'll set up a folder for it! There is also a tutorials folder, feel free to submit tutorials for any program there!

Please note - this group is about sharing, so submissions need to include parameters (unless it's a tutorial)!

If you use anyone elses parameters, please be nice and link back to the original :D

And last rule...have fun!

Our Mission
1. The purpose of this group is to promote fractal artistry, and to share knowledge and techniques with like -minded members of DA who elect to participate and honor the spirit of this group.

2. Please be respectful of the art and the artist. Always.
Many of us have our heart and soul exposed in our art, and in this group we encourage and help each other regardless of experience level. The learning curve can be steep at times, and we have all been beginners at various stages throughout our journey. This is a place where the vulnerability of all artists is protected, and we trust that we can speak our minds openly and safely with the other members.

3. Innovative thinking is encouraged. Collaboration is welcome. Fellowship and social interaction are part of the fun. There is freedom of expression to share ideas and offer opinions. Given the virtual nature of the group, members from around the world gather. There are many cultures represented and none of is an expert about the morals or familiarities of all of them. So please be considerate. Be an Ambassador of your art to others.

4. If you are offensive, you may be warned or banned. It can be tempting to be critical or to respond with a clever "zinger, "but hurt feelings can result, and are not in keeping with the purpose of this group. If in doubt, say something fair and honest, but with kindness.

Please avoid any comments that are threatening, abusive, racist, demeaning, controversial, political, religious, of an adult nature or otherwise not appropriate for children.

all submissions to any of the folders will contain parameters...CAUTION: if you do not wish your parameters to be tweaked, taken apart,and mangled occasionally..if you submit to this gallery please know it is a fact that you might not like what is done with your parameters...if you use parameters please mention the original artist in your comments....












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Thanks for accepting me =) Apophysis 7X is new for me ( I used early Apophysis many years ago) so I'm still trying and error to understand how it is built. BTW, I didn't see any directories for gradients and flames so I made them manually. I have no clue where to put my flames other wise. Perhaps someone can put me in the right direction?

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