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Shift Tape Mavis #1 2017

Initiating Shift Zone protocol 

Subject Mavis Hale...
Target City: Center City California...
Estimated Shift length based on Angel's power level: 3 hours...
Estimated fatalities and beings resurrected: 2500...
Shift protocol with begin in 5..4..3..2..1...
Good Luck Miss Hale happy hunting...

On Mic -
Vince (Leader)
Ayane (Logistics)
Maya (Spotting)
Lilith (Spotting)
Morrigan (Spotting)

Vince: (Over Mavis' earpiece) Okay baby, if you get scared at all just say Mavis daddy is just a step away.

Maya: (Over Mavis' earpiece) You got this honey, we know you're straight up cold blooded. Well okay, you did step on a snail yesterday and cried... a lot but that's shit we can work on.
Lilith: (Over Mavis' earpiece) Yeah Maya, that really doesn't help her confidence level... Just saying.
:iconthe-aoc-universe:The-AOC-Universe 10 4
Dr. Mei-ling Zhou's Ascension by The-AOC-Universe Dr. Mei-ling Zhou's Ascension :iconthe-aoc-universe:The-AOC-Universe 261 22
Dr. Zhou The Goddess

The City of Antiquity, Planet Novaterra, Administrator Nexus
Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou carefully walks down the great hall towards her office with a huge pile of books blocking her vision of course. As sweet and kind as Mei was she was well, kinda ditzy and clumsy most of the time, and well very much not a pro at confrontations. You may even say she was a huge geek. Nonetheless she was renowned across the galaxy almost as much as Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia for her work on Cryogenic based Apothecary Vita tech, however, she kept to herself a lot. Mei felt she only really had one true friend, her little drone named Snowball.
Now, most Admins really didn't mind Mei, but most didn't bother to even notice her most of the time, Popular alpha women like Dr. Zielger or even Elizabeth. But Mei had Snowball and her books, that was enough for her. Now if she could only see where she was going... Speaking of that, LOOK OUT MEI
:iconthe-aoc-universe:The-AOC-Universe 14 7
The Queen Spiders Broken Slaves by The-AOC-Universe The Queen Spiders Broken Slaves :iconthe-aoc-universe:The-AOC-Universe 220 43 Attention Giant Girls does this happen to you? by The-AOC-Universe
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Shift Tape Zelda #15 2018 :iconthe-aoc-universe:The-AOC-Universe 7 4
A Gift From Above!

Next remake after Junko? 

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A Little Good A Little Bad All Sexy!


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