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This is a community for listing anime and manga clubs so that fellow anime and manga freaks, such as myself, have a place to find a club for their desired character, pairing etc ^_^

I, Spirit-Of-Darkness, noticed in many community listings, there just isn't enough anime and manga clubs listed in them. Thus, this place was born! I also hope to make this place as resourceful as I can too :3

Please understand this though --> THIS IS NOT A CLUB! Various people have asked to "join" even after stating this here. Please actually read the front pages, thankyou U_U

1) The club MUST be anime/manga related. That much is obvious, though I have gotten requests to add non-anime clubs =__=;; If you are unsure whether your club is fit for the directory, ask anyway and I'll check.

2) Check if I've already listed it. It's not that hard to just take a little browse though you know -_-

3) No bashing of any sort. I know people can't control their members, but if any clubs themselves are caught harassing anyone, I will remove the club

4) Send a note with the following details:
- The name of the club (Icon preferably)
- A brief description of the club; Is it for the series? A character? Group of characters? Pairing? Etc.

And please don't click the submit button more than once, even if you get a "cannot be displayed" page (or whatever), it's a pain receiving multiple notes =_=

1) You must NOT flame or harass any of the listed clubs or it's members. We are not here for you to deliberately bash someone because you don't share the same opinions

2) Please refrain from commenting on journal entries. If you have a question, please ask through a note.

3) Please do not ask me if there is a [Insert name] club. If it's not there, I obviously haven't found it or it doesn't exist.

If you have any questions and/or queries, then note this account with the subject "Question" or something along those lines. (Be sure to check the FAQ section first)

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May 08: Usual update. Some cross-listing done; FMA shall stay as it is since it's got a crud load of icons 8D;;

May 01: Some of you may notice clubs being listed various times under different names. Some series' are refered to 2 (or more) different names; Like Konkiji no Gash Bell also known as just Gash Bell or Zatch Bell. This should make it easier for those that only know the one name and not have to go clicking extra links. In other words, to make you people more lazy D:

This shall be done (hopefully) over the next few weeks. I also hope to sift out dead/banned/inactive clubs during this time as well x_x

If you have a listing community of sorts, I'd love to affiliate with you guys. If you wanna, note meh ^^

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