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:bulletblue: Alright, first thing's first; Why make an anime/manga listing?
For starters, I'm an anime/manga freak as you could already guess. When I first created this place, I was a club addict,  but, some clubs were just so hard to find. They're scattered all over the place! The first directories I found were those that listed every club that was linked to them. However, you were still limited to what you could find. I only found a handful of anime/manga clubs in those directories and so I thought "Why not make one only dedicated to listing anime/manga?". And so, I created this directory, with the goal of listing every anime/manga related club on deviantART! Not only does this help me, but it helps others too :3

:bulletblue: OH OH! CAN I JOIN UR CLUB? :D
How about NO :D If you took time to read the front page properly you would see that no, this community is not a club. You cannot join at all! :/

:bulletblue: Can I watch you then?
Sure you can! I highly recommend you do so you can know when I've updated.

:bulletblue: Can I add your link to my journal page even though I'm not a club?
By all means please do! It'll be a big help in advertising this listing ^^

:bulletblue: How do I make a club?
Either check out TAML's Beginners Guide to Clubs or The Disney Directory's How to Start a Club.

:bulletblue: My club is listed? o.o But I didn't note you!
That's because I go around searching for clubs and add them myself. If I waited for a note like most other directories, there'd probably only be like an eighth the amount of clubs listed here. What's the point of a directory if there are barely any clubs listed in it? >.<

:bulletblue: I sent you a note with a link to my club, you haven't listed it yet. Why?
It depends how long ago you sent your note. And if I'm busy or not. Don't expect me to list your club as soon as/the same day as you send a note. I don't check here everyday like I used to, due to college and other reasons.
Please don't fret, your club will be listed. I update whenever I get the chance. So please, for goodness sake, be patient.

:bulletblue: I see you have read my note, but it's not on the list!
Check the front page before asking a question like this. If I haven't updated since you sent that note then it's obviously not going to be listed yet. Again, patience please.

:bulletblue: I sent you a note and recieved a reply saying you listed my club, but it's not on the updates page!
3 possible reasons for that:
1) You missed it
2) I missed it n_n;;
3) It was already in the directory and you didn't look hard enough (sadly, this is the case almost every time)

:bulletblue: So when do you update?
This can vary; I try to make it a weekly thing but sometimes it could be later; two or occasionally three weeks. When I'm busy with education it can go up to a month, but normally it never excedes that.

:bulletblue: Do I have to add your icon to my club journal?
It's optional more than anything. But I'd really appreciate it if you did so we can get more advertsiment.

:bulletblue: I don't understand the sections and categories! TT^TT
Please check the Sections and Categories section for that. Otherwise, you're on your own.

:bulletblue: I have a club but I'm not sure if it's fit for the directory D:
Note me about and I'll decide 8D

:bulletblue: I can't find my club!
Search harder, fool! >8O

:bulletblue: Hey! This series isn't Japanese! DDDD:
Well, since people enjoy Korean manga (manhwa/manwha) as it's heavily influenced by the style I thought it wouldn't hurt to list others regardless of their orientation. Plus, sometimes it's hard to tell ):

:bulletblue: So non-Japanese anime/manga are listed too?
Of course! Be it Korean (Manhwa), German, American... Just as long as it fits the genre. However, I'm keeping American orientated anime clubs in a seperate category for now.

:bulletblue: Why do you list dead/inactive clubs as well?
For one this, this is a place to list all anime and manga clubs that were ever created.
But the main reason, is so certain people can be aware of what clubs are dead. People may be thinking of making a club for a particular subject, but are debating about it since they're not sure if one already exists. Therefore, if they see that the only club for it is dead, they can freely make their own. Though I am working on removing officially closed clubs and clubs that have been inactive for nearly two years.

:bulletblue: Why are there games listed?</u>
This is because a lot of the time some games are some-what connected to anime/manga, not just in style but in story too. Take Kingdom Hearts for example, there’s a manga of that too o.o And Tales of Symphonia, how can I NOT list it? xD;;
So if it’s based on an anime/anime somehow crosses with it and what-not. It’ll be listed. However your best bet is to visit the Video-Game-List since it's more specific to the media.

:bulletblue: Where do babies come from?
Hell. NEXT!

:bulletblue: What’s your REAL reason for making this listing? *Eyes suspiciously*
o__o Well, when I first created this directory, I was a club addict. I loved joining clubs for my favourite subjects, though I never did participate in them much due to procrastination. These days, I don't bother so much and this listing is merely to pass the time when I have nothing else to do. However, I still have the same goal as I did at the start: To be helpful and make anime/manga club-joiners happy (as cheesy as that may sound XD)
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this is gonna sound stupid.
REALLY stupid.

but how do i submit my work to groups?