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Just a small guide for newbies that aren't too sure how to join a club or certain club related stuff =3

:bulletblue: What are clubs for anyway?
Clubs are made so people can have a place to support, share and discuss things of the particular subject the club is about. Submit your work, enter competitions, meet new people. It's genarally a community within a community. It's all around good fun! ^^

:bulletblue: I left a comment on a clubs page asking to join, but they haven't added me! I'M SO SAD! ;___;
Woah, hold on there. Don't fret! It's just most clubs prefer you to send a note ^^ Once logged into a club (Using the front page) if they see they have no messages they may instantly log back off and not know about your comment. Or simply because, depending on the clubs popularity, your comment may have been pushed off the page before given the chance to be seen. So a note is best.
Besides, they usually state in their journal, you really should read more O_o

:bulletblue: But I don't know HOW to send a note! ;-;
AH! So that explains it. See the navigation bars at the top of the page? Ok, so there's a couple… I'm talking about the one that has 'General', 'Gallery', 'Scraps' etc.
It says 'Note', click on it and then type in the subject area 'Join'. Before this though, check the club rules to see if they want a specific word typed in there (You should read all the rules anyway).
You may or may not type a message in the body of the message; it's entirely your choice. And send it. Hopefully you'll get a reply saying that you're in! Now celebrate! :party:

:bulletblue: They told me I need to watch the club, how do I do that? And what's the point? O.o
Watching the club gives you advantage of receiving updates etc. You shall know about contests, new members and other clubs to join :D Plus more.
To devWatch a club, look at the same navigation bar as you did with the note. And click Deviant Watch. A page will come up so you can sort your friends and stuff, but that's not relevant here really, you've now watched the club ^^

:bulletblue: OH! I wanna make a club! =D How do I do so?
It's actually very simple. Just create a new account! And name it according to the subject of the club. You can have up to 3 accounts using one email address.
It's preferable you make a club that's not already in existence. Unless the club is dead/hasn't been active for many weeks.

Remember now, a club needs plenty of dedication and will to keep it running. Don't bother making one if you're just gonna let it die not long after (I've seen it, and it ticks me, and others, off to no end)
If you no longer wish to run the club, hand it over to someone who does!

:bulletblue: How do I put up Icons and Devlinks?
Type the following; :icon***: Where the *'s are, replace them with the club/deviant name. These cannot be placed in signatures.
So :iconthe-anime-manga-list: will come up as :iconthe-anime-manga-list:

Devlinks, are done in a similar action to icons, only replacing 'icon' with 'dev'. These can be placed in your signature.
So :devthe-anime-manga-list: will be The-Anime-Manga-List

:bulletblue: The page is flooding with icons, and it slows down the load time, what should I do?? DX
Well, first pat yourself on the back for getting lots of members/affiliates o.o
I'd suggest you put them all on a different journal page and link it in the main journal.

:bulletblue: HOW???
Keep your pants on! I was getting to that! ><; Obviously, make a new journal entry if you only have the one. Copy and paste everything on that journal so it appears on the front page of the account for everyone to see. It's a pain in the butt when people don't do that. Don't have a clue what the club is about (Some club names are misleading mind)
The in the previous journal, delete everything but the members/affiliates (You could make a separate journal for each if you wish). Just make sure you click 'update' afterwards =D;
Copy the journals URL (If you don't know what that is, I shall begin to worry…it's the bar at the top you type a website address in…)
The basic thing to do is just put the URL there and then, with members/affiliates/etc next to it. But to make it look REALLY spiffy, type what's below;
<   a href="Enter URL here">Name</a   >  Just removed the spaces between the a's and < and >
And there ya go! ^^ You can do this on your normal account too! So you can list your friends, clubs and other stuff =3 Oh, and be carefull with the speech marks. If you copy and paste from word, it won't work simply because the speech marks are slightly different O.o Well, that's the case for me anyway... ^_^;;

:bulletblue: I've seen some club submit art as normal deviations, and other don't but link them elsewhere; Why is this?
Submitting art to a club will provide a gallery of pictures a user wishes to look at =3
But other clubs don't do this because of people's constant faving of the pic in the club instead of the original. Either that or the fear of being accused of art theft. But if you link to the original picture and artist, that shouldn't be a problem.
And so they link each picture in a separate journal =3

:bulletblue: Aha, so say I wish to have deviations posted in the club gallery; How would I do this?
Well, first you need to wait until one of the members of the club send a note with a link to their own deviation asking for it to be submitted to the club XD;
Now, save their picture onto your computer, simple right click and save as.
Submit as you would normally; make sure to link the original artist and picture in the artist's comment section.

:bulletblue: My club's been here for 2 weeks already! Why is there nobody joining?
Have you advertised your club? That's what affiliates and club lists are for. Send a note to them asking for affiliation (Or in the case of club listings; to be listed). Make sure you check if there are any rules about this. Don't want to look like a fool now, do we? ^_~

:bulletblue: HOLY MOLY! I've got so many notes! And I have so much work to do in my real life! I don't know how I'm gonna get through all this! O_o;;
I suggest you get a co-moderator or two ^^ They help out with the club but under your rules of course. It's best if it's someone you know-ish like a DA buddie. Don't want the club nicked now D:

:bulletblue: Do I HAVE to have contests?
Not necessarily, especially if you only have a hand-full of members. But it's nice, and something for members to do =3 Just be aware some are lazy and don't bother joining XD; (Ie, ME).

:bulletblue: In some clubs, I keep coming across these strange words. Mainly; Yaoi, Yuri, shoujo ai and shounen ai. What on earth do they mean?
Ah yes. I am quite familiar of those words ^_^
Here's a quich descrption:
Shounen ai literally means "Boy Love". Used for romantic relationships between males. Yaoi is used to describe it's more explicit side. See here for the story behind it.
Shoujo ai means "Girl love". Romantic relationships between females. Like Yaoi, Yuri is it's more explicit side.
Shota is basically paedophillia. Mostly used to describe a gay relationshp between a man and a young boy.

However, I suggest you check out this post for a good detailed analysis on ech of these. Or even check out Wikipedia for even more info.

:bulletblue: Do I have to have yaoi/yuri/whatever in my club?
It's up to you really. o.o And what your club is generally about. Like, if it's a club just for heterosexual couples, then no. However, if its for all couples then yes, it would be best if you did.
It's a good idea to keep an open mind about this in a club, as a good variety of people like it. Of course, there are a few idiots that may not be happy and flame those people, or even the club. Of course, as I said, it's entirely up to you.

:bulletblue: Any other tips to keep a club successful?</b>
Well, my clubs aren't exactly the most successful on the site XD;;
But I suggest you:
- Keep it updated regularly.
Weekly or even fortnightly at the most. If you don't have the time to keep constant checks, get a co-mod or administrater as I said above.
Have a news section. Tell members what's new and upcoming. It would also be a nice extra to have links to relating subjects outside of deviantART.
- Use formal language
And I mean none of tHiS kInD oF tYpInG. Or any 'l33t' or net speaking. No typing like: "Dis is a clb 4 da bst charrie in da world ppl!". It's seriously annyoing, and it looks stupid.
You don't need to be the best typist in the world, or the best speller. Just don't misspell on purpose -_-;;
Oh, and keep the "!" and "?" as minimum as possible. It's rediculous to have a bajillion of them in one sentence. 3 is enough..
- Keep the look of you're front journal organized.
Make it look good! XD It'll be easier on the eyes. If you have lots of members/affiliates; list them on a seperate page and link to them.

And there you go! Check out other clubs and what they do to be sure of what you should/could do for your own club! And with that, sayanor---

:bulletblue: WAIT! I have one more question!

Really, what? O.o

:bulletblue: I noticed there are sometimes bolded and italic text. How do I do that?

^_^; Ah, of course. Well, here's the list of commonly used tags;

b – Bolds the text
i – Italics text
u - Underlines text
strike - Puts a line through text like this. Use it for maybe crossing off things on a list or jokingly adding a word and then crossing it off like xD;; (Does not work in comments)
ul - Puts a space before text: (Also does not work in comments)
    Like this

Add < and > either side. And don't forget </ > After to close it off! Or your whole txt will be the same! o.o Using these should help make your journal easier to read and understand.

If you don't understand how I explained the tags, see FAQ #104: What HTML formatting can we use on DeviantArt? And what is the format for these codes?

If there are other thing's you are unsure of, I suggest you check out deviantART's Help Desk. I mean, that's what it's there fore. It's hard to miss the "Help" box at the top of the screen.

Good luck peeps ^.^ I hope this helped ya.
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