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Hello one and all @ Written-Madness

I come again with another writing prompt for this week!

Forgive the 1 day delay, but it has been rather hectic in my world; Essays, Doctors appointments and, of course, I had to pick up a framing of this wonderful piece of Art I ordered from DA.

It can be found here, I plan to hang it on my wall, it is truly a marvelous piece.

Saraswati by KatiaHonour


For this week prompt, I’ll be joining in later with a short piece of my own, but the theme will be:

“An Epic Hero, slaying or falling to his or her inner demons.”

As we all know, some of the most terrifying monsters and ideas come from within the human mind and heart. Both sources can be inspiring or they can be condemning. The mind could fill us with courage and adrenaline, needed to vanquish or rise above the chaos and madness of the mind. The heart can instill love and joy for ourself and others, but it can easily be damaged or injured.

The hero can be a reflection of yourself, or be of someone, fictitious or otherwise, that you know has persevered or has fallen and given up.

The sad reality is, not all of us have the strength and fortitude to continue through our darkest days, and we often find ourselves spiraling down the Abyss.

This prompt should stir some emotions and memories for us all, so the pieces that spring forth could be truly exceptional.

Remember: Art without Emotion is rarely Art at all. So be brave!

Enjoy and have fun!

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October 6, 2015


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