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The Velvet Snake

To say it slithers and crawls is to grossly underestimate it. It runs deeps, like a callow wound, hell bent on causing much harm and even Death. Yet to fear it, is most unwise, and to bring it true be just as wise. It most as it pleases, comes and goes with the wind. On red wings and steel talons does it move. Around the brick, around the house, she cries softly for the caress of her dear keeper. Light blue and fair of skin she is, and of great House descent be her blood. Eyes as red as her snake, I dare keep my Dragon in his cage. Both walk and crawl and smooth each others curves. By father ordained, she is the best of me, even in my most callous and envious of moods. Even as I walk, my thoughts falter on her eyes, skins and hair. Pray you not mistake, of whom was I speaking of; the snake, the garden, or its Keeper?
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Many Thanks for the Inspiration.
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October 4, 2012
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