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The Night with Mares

I tell thee now they be Horses of doom, and there be said all that is. The Mares that stalk the night and the Mares that stalk the day, of either or I shall now partake. To bring them to me and keep your still head as peace. You may welcome all, but I shall plead with you that you now bask in bliss. Some mares be deadly, others will carry you astride. Yet the nightmares you speak of, are not of natures descent. The Mares you speak of are of being only in thy humble mind, and with force and courage may ye conquer them and the mind as One. My Mare may guide, my Mares may seek, but to your battle they will not speak. They guard you well, on your next nights entrance, and to your exit, they will guide as well. To bring you to gardens exempt, to show you the basking Dragon, and to shuffle you away, as you wake to the morning Dew.
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Many Thanks for the inspiration
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October 4, 2012
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