The Dead Steeds

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October 13, 2021
The Dead Steeds by The-Anariarch
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The Dead Steeds

As I, you, mine, and Yours enjoy our comfort respite

A common name, as such it should be

A trip to the local bakery

A Saturday spent at the Market

An evening, the two of us

Or perhaps with friends

Lying on the couch, gazing haphazardly at a film on a smaller screen

A short cup of coffee at the local Brewery

With promises of smiles at the Hearth, for,

As chance would have it

Ale is stocked in plenty

Though none should be surprised


‘tis the fortune of the Present

To bask in warmth

Either our own or with another, or with plenty of others!

True, true

We probably should not forget the toil of Old

But what greater honor can we give the Old

Than to revel in the same Hovel they helped to create!

What greater glory can we give the Old

Than to excise Pleasure, Sin, Virtue, Vice, Decadence, Temperance

And Life

From the same Hallowed Ground upon which they fell

And through no imaginary means

A cask of Ale, taken from a local store

A few nibbles of snacks

And Amicable company; the most important I’ll say

Is all that is needed to make a Paradise

Regardless of origins

Would that not be the token?

The gift?

The Honor we give to, not only our Old

But to the Earth we stand on?

Aye, improvements are present all around

Aye, Modifications are present

Aye, A few could use a stick to the head

Aye, there be bickering in false dead ends

But at the conclusion

Is this not what has been the continuation!?

We cannot be of all like mind

It would not work!

As we hold fast

So too do others hold

Dare we challenge their hold?

Or do we engage with Reason

As our Old have taught us by their Blood

Simple musings, the answer is clear

Grab a beer

And take care dear

Since that stead

May lead you beyond Fear

And to a Paradise Dear.

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Congrats on your DD for this wonderful work!!! :clap:

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An immense /bow. Thank you for the Daily Deviation.

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wow .. This is very well written. I've enjoyed the flow of your penned words..:love:

Thank you for sharing..I'm happy that my writing has inspired you..:hug: