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Questions and their Answers

The purpose of all things being equal, man can never really escape their own impeding questions. Through all their lives, we simple humans try our best to give answer to the wonders that natures gardens provide, yet always find ourselves lacking in every respect save but for more pensive questions. If the askers of questions we are, then we need, at best, ladies of equal intellect to provide answers, failing providing insights. Should the balance of power shift, the intellect should merge with insight so as to give man the lasting endeavor of actually answering a question; one that actually merits thought. Should we ever achieve such a splendor it would be nice to  think that  all parties involved would benefit greatly, from askers of questions and the people who claim they can answer them. Of course there is something to be said for the audience that provides spectacle to those that claim they can answer; much to the discomfort of those who, unceasingly, prove they cannot. The audience, and the people observing do their best not to laugh at someone predicament, but when a person claims they can challenge a questions, many are those who are instant skeptics; begging pardon to the few children who actually laugh at the notion that you can ever completely answer a question. So we must always remind ourselves, it is not only in how you ask a question, but also how you answer it. All talk of the wise aside, so long as man-kinds fervor in communicating resounds, there will always be questions and a hunger to answer them. Or to at least try. We do like challenges after all in this fair Garden.
Happenings in the Garden
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October 4, 2012
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