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Of Unity

Bow now to Unions cry, to merge and be One for All and to be as One. Live to Love and Live to Lust, our souls as battered to sacred musk. De-fouled we are, children of Earth, as dark as the night and cold as shadows; forever left to wander this tender globe. Conquer we must, our nature and theirs, Conquer we must for our sake and heavens lament. Indomitable spirit we now bring, to each human and each province, for trivial is the mistake; that cost us all a dreary gloom. Love may be gone, and Life may be short, but to hold both even for a Moon, be the quest of all true Men. My Pardon fair maiden for intervening an old souls forgotten quest, for my pen it speak of naught, and think me a simple writer; who seeks inspiration Most High.
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Many Thanks for the Inspiration
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October 6, 2012
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