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Of Ghost and Earth

Cry now fallow and mighty. The Earth now beckons for all who linger amongst the living. Ghost may tell lies, and Trees may whisper, but before the clash they all be as timber. To burn aloft and float on weeds, now to caress our dear maiden Moon. As she rises full bore with mast, the flag held aloft, where none shall challenge and only fools dare try. She calls to her children, our deepened earthly womb; calls again for those that wander. Her garden this is; so sayeth the spider, and into her garden all manner of critters abound. Here there are wolves, dire and sour; do cause to ignore the giant hound guarding the children. Ghost be welcomed to, so long as they pay the piper, as our songs now bring them to ease. Her Garden this is, and only to Him, do all the guns bow.
Sired and Inspired


Many Thanks for the Inspiration
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October 3, 2012
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