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Not in Vain

To bring hammer and vengeance in the mind of thought be the greatest of all conspiracies. A love may wound and a lust may heal, but to let the memories of old intrude on a new quest, be the most boast an old flame can bring. Though fire kindled, there is no doubt; but before the onslaught of the future, there can be no transgression. War is not needed to term the line that draws between us and them; for they are as nothing to us. The Piper paid, not we dance the tune, the tune that our better and our peers would maim each other to dance to. We dance to our own tune now, be it lace and leather, or Tea and Bud, all wrapped around a hearth with Tome of Words. For thats all memories are, thoughts hidden as words and words hidden as thoughts. Never more shall your indecisive thoughts plague our mind; your simply not important for our plans. And believe us, our plans supercede all forth goings. Take comfort in the idea that you helped us, for that is the only idea you may cup, lest you too be washed away with the flood of what transgressed.
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Many Thanks for the inspiration
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October 5, 2012
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