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Heart Unbound

Should our lust ever see its slake, our minds shall now be broad. As a swords hilt, that glimmers in the sun, and shines best in moonlight. To Lust to Love and keep safe the heart, to sire a flame that burns for all eternity. As mighty as the Earth, and unbound save for the restrictions of the world. No man nor woman ever made as whole could ever separate us. For we are united, even when apart. Through vast chasms, and time unrelenting; Love and Lust now walk hand in hand. To bring life to those far off deeps, and light into the abyss, dare we see deeper into it. By pen and word we now walk our path, the ravages of youth long falling off. In our age we now seek; a poem, a word, to spark the incense, now green and true. Think us never old, yet pray to think us young. Tis the bane of youth, to find love, and in love find our wanderlust.
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Many Thanks for the Inspiration.
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October 3, 2012
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