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Footprints of the Anariarch

So now we seek
those who have wronged us
In paper, or in pen
with words or deeds
and acts of betrayal
be they with cause
or be they designed
Treason may bear a price
but wanton betrayal
leads one only to folly
Such deeds do not go unnoticed
And their price
be to costly for a soul to bear,
if only mute witness
to the horrors that will befall
the propagators of falsehoods


If by sword or if by pen
Vengeance and Justice
we now seek
For memories overturned
Some stones be left unearthed
For hidden beneath them
may lie
Destruction most foul
on them those intrude
on the footfalls of Paradise


Through this pen I now do speak, if words seem to scathe, is not my cross to bear

of Angels and Demons they always speak, but quick to ignore the honor within each vengeful spirit
Just footprints...First time I really picked up my glass pen.
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Submitted on
September 19, 2012
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