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Fish from Water

It snaps and wiggles, a fish from water; her long lost love, lost when bowl did shatter to the ring of drums. It cries, it breathes yet now time strike to cast our Lore. As it dies, do too do we despise. The drum that shattered its home, now sundered and burned. As it dies, we two now rise, to give the Fish its wings, and Lungs most powerful; that no piston can ever skew. Watch it rise, from dry, hallow water on the back of hot concrete. Watch it rise from pools of forbidden silk, to fly the skies and to challenge the sun. Leviathan to some, what was given as Dead, now returns to wrack and Ruin; all from the pity, of two noble souls. Life is precious, they thought; and now this Fish, so frail and small; is as a majestic Titan, A Koi aflame as the Sun dies, and the Night rises. To it we now toast, for it has conquered Death. And now becomes, the Fiery Light that streaks the night sky.
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Many Thanks for the inspiration
HyacinthJen Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Professional Writer
This is incredibly powerful. I love it!
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October 6, 2012
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