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Conversation in Hallow Gardens

I once saw this distant specter; a wisp of shadow. Like many things here at night, it wandered about, as if lost. It slowly moved and began to whisper. Its tale was fully of sorrow, full of sadness, yet it spoke with a great calm. I began my conversation, as I do with all Garden visitors, I simply asked its nature. To its great hesitation, it knew of my garden; a place of peace for all creatures; yet unknown is specters were welcomed. Of this the answer is obvious, a place of peace, welcomes all. And to each their own, for the specters stories is of great personal nature; yet of this I can speak. It left a trail most bloody, as a woman on her Moons; and a heart of deepest darkness. It spoke softly of a loss, and greatly of the times when it had a friend. Even as specters, such trials put things back into humanity, and leave a little behind. I opened my book, wrote its name, and suggested a rest at the Inn, nearby the garden. To each specter their own pleasures; love and lust being the healer of things here in this house. Yet it called out a name, a wandering shadow and a bite most foul. To protect those most innocent, and those who try. To find my Garden, was its most prized accomplishment; For the healing has begun, and who knows into what or who the specter may turn. Love permeates all things, its absence, and its maintenance. Once held, its hard to let go. Once lost, it is always hard, yet it spoke a truth that all humans know, which lead me to wonder; was it once human? The truth was; we must continue. Through all our rage and hate, hope and sorrow; to prevail where others have fallen or fail, is the greatest gift the heart can give; and give it wisely to its wielder.
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October 8, 2012
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