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To grind at midday be now the cause of all dread rats. To sewers and sink we are now forbidden, clean up we have, make no mistake of that. Dread rats, like more that sire, are not the work of a Man, much less a Titan. Only humans could have spewed such monstrosity onto our realm and only by human hands can it be quenched. Failing that only tamed, subdued and directed in the proper direction. Such louts clearly only have one purpose in Life, and that is to destroy it. Leaving in its wake very little for the pickings of even the most cunning of carrion. So good are they that they hardly even warn you, tis simple and subtle so as their Art. An Art is it, for only Men and certain Woman could ever hope to accomplish in their many lifetimes what has taken One only decades to begin turning. The Wheels of Time, like all Wheels are now his toys; and like all great humans, all adhere to the beginning of the Wheel.
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Many Thanks for the inspiration.
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October 1, 2012
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