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Batter Them Down

Batter them down, as gates of Hell. Batter them down as gates of Heaven. No man or woman shall stand before the Ram, the breaker of the shell. To his end alone do we now cry, to release the power within, and the Earth shall Quake at our fury. Tremble now, we shall demolish, and run rampant. Quiver now, for our Horns they shake, with the lungs of a thousand hordes and the power of the mighty Fire within Each. To Our own ends, we now break; break free of these transgression so we may write upon them new ones. Our own ends, and our own sins; we are the Justice that Judges the self, and before the judge of the self there is none other to stand trial. We judge ourselves, and by this act I now declare War. To sound and trumpet, and still beating heart, a War of love, and a war of Bliss.
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October 8, 2012
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