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Barbed Glass

Now to now mock a mistress' delight, but to give insight to their inner workings. Barbed wire and subtle glass need not be mistaken as simple toys, but as tools under an artists grasp. As cloth unfolds and gentle skin is revealed, time and patience now makes the flesh an artists playground. To wrap in wire and seed in wax, its light a candle, underneath a hidden spark; dare few try and find. The Glass, perchance, be need to sterility, yet before it; all champion the great science, much less the Art. A cut, a swipe, and simple gesture is all thats needed, to keep the wire to its part. On this skin, we now admire, glistened with drops of dew, and faint marks. To subtle is this Art, that few can appreciate it; subterfuge and cunning are all that guide here. Yet to great pleasure to the on underneath the wire; Her thoughts are now beguiled.
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Many Thanks for the Inspiration
VerVerGinger Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
I'm glad to inspire something so beautiful :)
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October 3, 2012
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