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Arise Great Rider

By sound of Trumpet, or by blast of Horn, now we make our depart. Marshalling the Fleets, and preparing the Horde. For once sung, from poets hymn, we now make rounds to defend our prize. The children's future now stands firmly on our backs; we dare not fail them. We Resist. We will not fail, for our future is at stake. From Cannoneer, to Lance, From Admiral to Captain; the entire Armada will now hold its ground, in space and all within. To this Earth we now defend, from all hostilities, even those sung with imposed words. Never shall the jackboots trample freedom without recompense, and never shall freedom be so despised. Together we move to the future, may it be full of peace, and war only when needed.
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Many Thanks for the Inspiration
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October 3, 2012
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