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-Simple Luck

Great now one by two
and three by ten
So far lost in long solemn
Great be the day and long is the hour
for thy deaf mute to come all bothered sundered
slow is the pace and quick is the fall
to great hounds now
deep lurk and slumber


Sit and stir
and make it pour
over glass of darkest mast
and heat of yellow light
great are the toils
many is the shame
for all this grief i now bring pain
to much is the touch
great is the fall
but to this Death
I now bring the All

-Great Mane of the Damn

Two by Two
On legs of four
so once the great one add a sixth
simple creatures
they play their part
but give a Lord a calling
And he'll dance his part alone

-White as Night

Hear a lark, always calling
Hear a cricket, always rubbing
sandy legs and hairy crimes
Now tip-for-tat, ill thoughts for dimes
Slow it the call
and Great is the night
as these all birds now fell their plight
outstretched now and bathing later
to the joyous children who covet the cradle
much is the song
and great is the day
as the Light strikes the Night
A joyous sight
and thunderous roar
Now to fly and now to soar
Great many are tales to tails
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October 25, 2012
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