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With the National [U.S.] election coming to a close, and the build up it has had since the beginning of the year, on top of the ongoing pandemic; it is easy to understand why some, if not most, are unsettled to say the least. Yet however impactful or serious, and rightfully so, the current situation may be, and however the outcome may affect our citizens, I encourage, after seething or soothing, everyone to remember a critical fact. We continue on. There is no doubt *looks outside* that the sun is still rising and setting. And whatever our circumstances, we still draw breath. Therefore, by default, and after some simple /maths [1+sugar=Stable Internet], we all have the opportunity to keep fighting. Everyone has, continues to, and will continue to, wage their own personal battles. Everything from the monthly bills, to the very intense decision about whether pineapple belongs on pizza. The day is not over, and it stands to reason the sun will rise tomorrow. Keep up. Survive.
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Found a list of what is basically writing prompts. Gonna try it! Psychosocial 2. Psychomotor 3. Anesthetized 4. Multicausal 5. Reciprocity 6. Mannequin 7. Neurological 8. Corrugated 9. Delirium 10. Reanimation 11. Supplanted 12. Hormone 13. Pigment 14. Degenerative 15. Interpersonal 16. Deficiency 17. Ethnographies 18. Ventilation 19. Endurance 20. Stimulant Disturbances 21. Division 22. Fertile 23. Maladaptive 24. Medial 25. Physiological 26. Awarded 27. Atmosphere 28. Attribute 29. Insulate 30. Regulate 31. Derby 32. Transhumance 33. Aridity 34. Drought 35. Subsistence 36. Migration 37. Concentrated 38. Biproduct 39. Domesticates 40. Mechanized 41. Post-harvest 42. Slaughter 43. Reconstruct 44. Aggregation 45. Profound 46. Stuporous 47. Socioeconomic 48. Infrastructure 49. Deration 50. Industries Original post here:
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My sincerest apologies, but due to a final essay intervening in my schedule, I will need one (1) extra day for the judging. I really dove into the pieces and loved what I found; now I must use a fine-tooth comb in order to draw out a winner. I apologize again, and thank you for your patience. ~The-Anariarch (
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Thanks for everything, I appreciate that you respect my work. I also have watched yours. Cheers!:clap:

Random Question;

-How does a Diamond cast a shadow?

Woow thanks for so many badges and the core membership, it really make my evening good 🤩

Well, one of the Diamonds 'was' called Happiness treat <3! [Really great writing, amazing rhythm, communicative, and very expressive; all three were enjoyable reads :)]

Thankyou for that BIG compliment, I used all my feelings so that is making me very happy 🙂

Thanks for faving!

Thank you so much for the fav! It means the world to me! :)