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Hello. My name is ZettaSlow-SkullKid and I am the founder of this group. This group is for people who Love to make and/or watch AMVs. I created this group because I found a lack of AMV groups here on DA. Even though there are so many great AMV's here.
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Wow... Time flies when life happens huh? I can't believe it's been 15 months since my last update. A whole lot of stuff happened since then so I'll give you the "short" version:

Last year we went to Texas so my Dad could get a bone marrow transplant for his Leukemia (He's doing great now! no worries!) and beside the fact that his transplant kept being pushed back things where going fine.

About a month later he had his transplant with no complications and was able to return to our apartment. Not long after that he got a infection of some sort (blood clot? can't remember) and had to go back in. What follows was multiple events consisting of my Dad getting better, getting out, running around to various doctor appointments, and then getting the same infection and going back.

The reason he kept getting sick was the doctors/nurses never gave him enough dosage he needed to kill the infection, only enough to make the symptoms go away for a bit (for example: he needed a dose for 10 days but they gave him only 6 days worth).

So while he was going in and out of the hospital, my Grandmother (his mother) came out to keep us keep an eye on us since my Mom would be at the hospital literally all day. yeah... I'm not going to go into specifics but it's the classic story of the husband's mother hating his wife for no reason. While she did keep us company, of course had start some crap during her stay.

To make things worse, we had to move because our lease on the apartment ran up (by now we stayed around 2-3 months after what we were suppose to) to a townhouse for a few weeks.

After my dad got out of the hospital again we decided to go back home to Alaska so he could get the treatment he needed from people he trusted (there where a few incidents where a nurse failed to do something basic like wash hands before changing a IV)

So after some frenzied packing, a few breakdowns, and couple sleepless nights, we made it back to Alaska...

Just in time for winter.

And as you probably know, It snowed a LOT. There were a few weeks when we were shoveling snow every day.

After that crazy winter we decided that we needed a break. So a month ago when my Dad recovered enough, we caught a flight to my grandparents house in my hometown (Jaybirds FTW!) and VIOLA! Here we are.

Whelp, that's all folks! It's been a whirlwind of a year but we're all still happy and living. Im sorry about the *complete* lack of updates everyone! Especially you guys! I'm so sorry! I'm gonna treat you guys better from now on.

If your submission expired, please resubmit it!

Well I gotta go. There's talk about playing poker. (Finally all those hours playing Poker at the inventory payed off!)


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:bulletblack:How To Join :icongodotlaplz:

Just click on the Join group button to join this group!
:bulletyellow:How to submit art :icongroupslaplz:

NO MATURE CONTENT AT ALL!! I can't stress this enough.
Also no yaoi/yuri themed amvs or foul songs.
Only links to AMVs are allowed. Not SWF files.

:bulletblue:Rules :icontoiletla-plz:

1: Don't bash the artists. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.
2: Only use cartoons/anime or video games for amvs. This rule can be changed if enough people want it.
3:Please Don't submit to the Featured Folder. For now, this will only be for AMV that win contests.
4: Have fun! :iconmuzikplz:

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