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"What the heck is wrong with you?" Many people ask me this, but I dunno the answer. HAHA! Meh only real life friend who gets me and (usually) doesn't judge me, is meh boy CO-CO! Love ya man~! (Conan-But-Not-That-1)
Kon'nichiwa, Deviant Fam~! I'm Chīdo tantei(Detective Chido)~! My real name is actually Catherine, but please do call me whatever your heart desires~! My username was chosen for these reasons: One- I love detective stuff, mysteries, and of course, Detective Conan. 2- My DC oc's name is Chido Machiko(Machiko Chido, for a normal American..). I am a fifteen year old girl, born and raised in the great state of Kansas~! (I know, Kansas is SUCH a great state.. don't remind me please... It is the home of Superman though, am I right?! No..? Okay...) I've been into Case Closed/Detective Conan since.... pretty much as long as I can remember. It's always been my favorite show, and a lot of my classmates from school picked/pick on me because I like anime and manga..(Don't ask me why, they're just jerks....) Anyways~! I'm a fun-loving girl who always looks at the bright side of things, I can find the good in people even when some people say there's no good to be found(Yes, I'm the optimistic girl.... ;D)~! I don't know what else to put HERE, but I guess I'll put a little bio further down, yeah~?

Okay, so here we go~!
I was the first born of my sister and me, born on September 26, 2001. Later, I would come to be the big sister of my younger sister, Corrie, who is currently(January 30, 2017..) seven years old. When I was younger, my parents were always fighting. They would yell at me when I tried to brake up their fights, and sometimes accidentally slightly wounded me.... Those days are now in the past though~! I now live with my mother, whom I love dearly, my father passing away when I was eleven, my mother now takes care of my sister and me. She holds a stable job, with more than enough income to support our small family and spoil her two daughters at the same time X3 ~! Well, I found out about Detective Conan from my anime/manga loving, childhood friend, guess what his name is(?)....... if you guessed Conan, you were totally right XD ~!!! As coincidental as it sounds, my friend actually WAS named after author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle~! (Unlike someone we all know *cough* Edogawa-kun *cough*) Yes, my best friends parents thought long and hard about this. I've heard the stories of how they debated on naming him Conan, or (a random name)Justin... but they finally decided on Conan~! And I'm sure glad that they did~! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to pick on my bestie 'cause he has the name of my sister's crush X'D ~! Anyways(Miss sidetracked here~)~! Conan(my friend...), first told me about DC in 2006(I think... *head scratch*) and I immediately fell in love with it~! The story, the characters(Especially one character in particular <3 ~), the plot, everything~!!! From everyday forward I've been a fan of the show~! I wait, and wait, and WAIT for the day each new episode comes out~! Aahhhhhhhh, I just can't help it~!!!!!!!!! (Fangirl alert! Fangirl alert! [Catherine will be back after a brief moment to contain her fangirl emotions])

That's about all for now~! If you any more questions about my life, feel free to ask~! (And please, don't pity me because I lost my father~! I'm over it, and I don't need anyone else's pity, please..... Thank you~!) Also, don't ask why I shared my slightly weird and strange personal life.... 'cause I have no idea at all.....

Sayōnara, watashi no yūjin~!


The-American-Tantei's Profile Picture
United States
Erm.... I guess I should tell a bit about myself...?
Well, I'm a 15 year old girl, who loves Case Closed/Detective Conan Magic Kaito 1412... I really only joined to meet people and view meh DC art ^-^
Anyways... What else I could say..... Oh, right...

<3 ^-^

(By the way, please, when talking to me, call Heiji by his *cough* REAL *cough* Japanese name. Le's face it, Heiji's not Harley Quinn >~<)

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