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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2020, 6:44 AM

Welcome to the Sky of Worlds!

The Aetherion is an art and literature RPG that chronicles a new generation of heroes journeying into the Sky of Worlds to uncover its deepest secrets.

Venture on chapter-based Quests that unravel the mystery and conflict of the aether, delve into your character's past with Chronicles, build interactive relationships with NPCs with the Threads of Fate, tend a fantastical garden, search for lost treasures, and even catch some of its mystical creatures to call your own! Play at your own pace, but keep alert for biweekly roleplaying Minigames and real-time Events whose player-driven results will permanently shape the fate of the aether.

Many beings call the realms their home, but the RPG is intended for these closed and semi-open species by Alkemistry and prince-corvidae: Aetherlings, Mogi, Nebulon, Sylori, Daimons, Sacred Taurians, Solscian, Luminara, and other Aetherion designs. Daimons and Sacred Taurians are available for a single free make-your-own design!

You don't need an Aetherion character to join our group, all are welcome! Follow the links to the side for our rules, resources, and how to begin your first adventure into the aether!
The Aetherion is intended for users of age 18 and above; please see our Rules page for more information.

Current News

Current Month: Lifesong
Season: Spring
Jan 31
The Aetherion RPG is now OPEN! Read the Getting Started guide to begin your adventure!

Upcoming Events

March's Speature Event: Aetherlings!
March ???: Starlit Path Collab Event!
April's Species Feature: Sylori
April ???: Mystery Event
April ???: A nightmare looms...

Event Log
Change Log

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