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Undertale - Last Corridor (Regrets)



It's friggin' late. Gonna be friggin' tired tomorrow. Gotta go to work.

Also this game. So many feelz!

(Seriously though, never did I need to work up courage to fight a boss - not because the boss's scary, but because fighting doesn't seem right! Wished there was an option to just turn back and stay with everyone. Unfortunately, everyone's expecting you  to stay "determined")

Hope you can bare with my lazy style for the moment - and with Undertale fanart! Because I have feeling there's more on the way.
All digital with Gimp 2.6

Credits for Undertale, Sans and Frisk go to Toby Fox & Team.
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... that is genius.... was half expecting this to be some regrets about having gone through a (atleast attempted) previous genocide run... nope just sad they didnt stay back