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The Scarf



Here's a photo of the result of my latest project: A replica of the "James Acheson Hero Scarf" (better known as "The Doctor's scarf")

Unfortunately for me, I made a huge mistake when I first attempted to knit it (my mom suggested to take double the row count in the instruction - Don't do that!!!), so I had to unravel and re-knit it. That cost time, and it also caused the thread to look as "wobbly" as it does now with the finished result. There's that and although I found a great deal of the colors, the one I couldn't find was an appropriate purple and I replaced it with a night blue instead.
Also, the "rust" (dark brown-reddish) is of a different wool mix, so it's a bit more fuzzy than the rest.

Still, I absolutely love the result! It feels really nice to wear, and looks good in many combinations with other clothes! Now I just need the temperatures to drop in these parts so I can take it with me more often...

As for measurements, this scarf is based on these instructions by 93fangshadow, mixed with the instructions found for the "season 13 original" on, although I stuck with the stunt duplicate width of 60 stitches. The result, as seen above is approximately 2.40 meters long, tassels not included, and not "blocked" (a technique for stretching wool). I decided against blocking in the very last second because Tom is a very, very tall man, and I am a very, very average height woman, and I don't like my scarf to clean the floor where ever I walk... Plus, from everything I've read the thing will stretch naturally over time, so I'll leave it to that.

As for the photo itself: I don't consider myself much of a photographer, and I don't like pictures of me on the web, so I added a "little something else" instead. :)

Well then, let's hope I get back to the usual drawings soon!
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My mom made me one of these for Christmas a few years ago and by god it's the warmest scarf I've ever had. You did a wonderful job with it! :thumbsup: