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Open o uo/ Welcome And Da Rules

The Twilight Zone Stamp by RogueVincent Adopt A Character stamp by Kokoro-Hane Black and White Stamp by LaraLeeL


Welcome Everyone, I had been debating on if I should make or not to make my own group for the longest time.. so for it to be here and in it's starting stages makes me so happy.

Everything is still a work in progress, but please if you have an suggestions on folder ideas please let me know. The welcome blurb was a parody on the Twilight Zone.. which I thought was kind of funny/punny.



Green Bullet by Little-Vampire Please make sure all the adopts are in their correct Folders.

Green Bullet by Little-Vampire No Bases or Lineart, Soon will start weeding out makers adoptables.

Green Bullet by Little-Vampire No NSFW anything, Anything deemed this will be removed. Some blood/gore is okay and is subject to our approval. Please understand that not everyone is comfortable with seeing it and I do not wish to make a folder just for it. Thank you for your time.

Green Bullet by Little-Vampire Please have all adopts marked with the title of Open, then remove your closed ones when they are well.. closed lol.

Green Bullet by Little-Vampire Credit any and all base makers, reference/stock picture makers. It's only right and very fair.

Yellow Bullet by Little-Vampire I Just mentioned this, but, Please remove any and all of your adopts once the title is changed to Closed/Over.
It will be both helpful to myself and kind to others that would like to get into the folders to find lovelies that are still available.

Red Bullet by Little-Vampire For all that is good, DO Not Ever! Steal artwork, Adopts, or whatever that is not yours.

Red Bullet by Little-Vampire Please be honest, but don't be rude or mean about it. If you have something that needs to be said please note me.

Red Bullet by Little-Vampire Keep things civil.

Red Bullet by Little-Vampire More to come I hope never..


Stamp - I wish I was a Pokemon Trainer by FlaringBlaze
But instead of Pokemon, it's with affiliate stamps lol

Okay so I have changed up a little of how the folders look, I'm not sure even I'll need to get adjusted to it.
Contemplated opening up a various submit here for like the various options

Submit here - Points
Submit here - Paypal
Submit here - Points & Paypal
Submit here - OTA

You know things like that.. to make things a little bit easier for me since I'm solo working on getting these folders sorted lol
Mostly to just get on top of the submissions for now?
My helper doesn't come on DA very much anymore o uolll
that's why I'm so slow to get things done around here, sorry for that btw lmao

Submit changes, I took the global submission for the week down from 5 to 2, just to try and get on top of this sorting. At least I'm able to get time to go through and see what has been closed to remove them
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