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Welcome !

Our Motto: Adoptables are family. Once you own them, you draw and connect with them. Make sure you treat them right! Always love and use your adoptable.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:ANY WRONG/UNWANTED SUBMISSION TO THE FEATURED FOLDER WILL BE REMOVED. :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

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About us!

This is a group for adoptables. May they be free, for points or money, they are allowed. Anything and anyone is welcome. Any animal; fox, cat, dog, horse, etc. is allowed. So come on in, what are you waiting for?


:bulletpurple: Everyone in the group, no matter who they are (member, Co-Founder etc.) must be respected! If you don't do that you'll be banned from group!

:bulletpurple: If you do not see a folder for your type of adoptable, please place it in the 'other' section. If you have any suggestions on folder additions, please let us know.

:bulletpurple: Respect wishes of the lineart or maker creator! If they say that you need to credit their lineart/maker, then do so! Similarly, if they do not allow selling adopts made with the maker, they are not allowed here.

:bulletpurple: Submit your adoptable to right folder!

:bulletpurple: You are not allowed to submit to the featured folder.

:bulletpurple: All submissions must have a open/closed tag in the title

:bulletpurple: Do not comment advertisement on the front page. There is an advertisement journal for that.

:bulletpurple: No YCHs, poorly scanned/drawn on lined paper adopts, nsfw adopts, or anything that isn't an adoptable.

:bulletpurple: No commission journals or deviations, including customs.

Folder explanations

Gallery Folders

-Auto Decline-
$1 or 100 pts doggo adopt (base used) OPEN by Chemicalology
- Adopts - Open - by Sinalaa
+ Retro Paradise - OPEN OTA + by Enpurii-Adopts
Elemental Wolf/Dog Adoptables (4/4) OPEN by Flowthr12
OPEN Duskface Litter 4 by OverLord-Adopts
Open by All-Adopt-Adoptables
Libee :: OTA :: OPEN by Winterfrost-Adopts
Realistic cat adopts 5 - 3/12 OPEN by ScorchHound-Adopts
Hooved -NO MLP-
[OPEN] 4 Aplacas-Knitting adopt by TommySamash
Deer Batch 1 - 1/5 OPEN by DragonsAndVideoGames
Price Drop!!Mare and Foal ADOPTS [0/8 CLOSED] by PollutedArt
[OPEN 5/5] Deer Adoptables (100pt) by Meep-y
Mythical Creatures
3/12 OPEN! Setprice by EggoWeggo
Mermay OTA Adopts [2/2 OPEN] by GaiereiAdopts
Adoptable Shark Merman (Open) by selftaughtartist1
PRICE LOWERED Devil dancer [CLOSED] by taniqetil0149
Original Species
Angel and Demon 2/2 OPEN OTA by Parrotina
CLOSED | mirric adopts #01 by PaopuraShop
Libradian Nightmare+Custom ~SET PRICE~ [1/2 OPEN] by Fiorrie
Grimkin Pup Batch #1 1/5 OPEN by lVlunster
Pick Your Own Palette
Greyscale Adopts 1 [Open] by Jenndragon
Halves Adopts [OPEN] by Kuejena
Other Mixed Monsters
----- by zillyadopts
nostalgic songs [ota] [closed] by wwheat-warehouse
200pts/2EUR Axolots Adopts [OPEN: 12/24] by Mad-Darkness
Ferret Adopts (CLOSED) by rose-abyss
Mystery Egg
Color Pallet Mystery Adopts {OPEN} by ChillDrakaina
SOLD by Artlover4lifeHannah
NYP Polkadot Eggs(5/7 open) by katamariluv
NYP Checkered Eggs(Orange green open) by katamariluv
Clothing weapons Accessories etc.
[OPEN] Outfit Auction 1 by Lo-Lita96
(OPEN) Adoptable OC 6 - Mermay 2019 #2 of 4 by Lunafleurr
Resale, Trade, Bulk Adoptable Journals
Adopt Sale OTA :: OPEN by InkedProject
Flat Price Paypal Only
{ Adopt : OPEN } Kemonomimi 1 [2/3] by InkedProject
Lineart and bases --NO YCH--
Pupper Line Art FTU by NyxTheFlyingKatFish
DTA rinmaru adopts 2/3 open by C4--Frosty
Not sure? Submit here
WTA adopts OPEN 2/3 by Ooziy
Fandom-Based Adopts
Adoptables - Sonic Girls (CLOSED) by ACLuigiYoshi
Human Anthro Taur
Adoptable close by todaytoday

Group Info

This is a group for adoptables. May they be free or for points, they're allowed. Anything and anyone is welcome. All species accepted. So come on in; what are you waiting for?
Founded 10 Years ago
Dec 27, 2010

North America

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Art Creation

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Digital Media

11,067 Members
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I wish I didn't need to do this, but I don't have permissions I need to run this group, contributors are glorified members, and the founder has not responded to my attempts at contact for over a year.

I'll be going through the backlog, but the folders won't be reopening. I'm sorry; there's nothing I can really do now. If you make a replacement group, I'd be happy to add it to the journal.

e: While I appreciate offers to make me a mod/start a new group, I cannot afford Core and do not otherwise have slots for administrating groups.

Group Alternatives:
(general) - :iconweloveadoptmaking:, :iconasylumofadoptables:
(Furry/feral focus) - :iconadoptable-beasts:
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