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Welcome all of you to the uncanny county of Upshire, where the people are weird and the local fauna is even weirder. From Precarious Rock to Darkling forest, you will encounter all manner of madmen and monsters lurking in the deepest and darkest recesses, many capable of taking on alternate forms to deceive you. Who can you trust? What will eat you and what wont? In a place like Upshire, you may find safety in the company of some very unusual friends who call themselves the absurd five. They include the eccentric budding pilot Gretchen Goosander, her hyperactive highland hopping dragon Cwenhild, a kindly forest spirit called Poig, a depraved 9-year-old cyborg called Rooey and a painfully apathetic honey dragon going by the name of Mumbeltrousse.

This group is dedicated to all their wacky adventures and anything related to the characters and the universe in which they live. This group accepts all that celebrates the endeavours of our strange friends. Have fun, and be careful where you dare to tread…
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Group submission rules.

Here are a few rules for y'all if you are wanting to submit any work.

~ Please no submitting to featured. This is reserved for official work that will appear in the book such as book covers.

~ Please try and submit to the right group. If you are not sure where to submit, just submit to the 'Where in Upshire do I submit things?' folder.

~ Nothing explicitly gory or sexual please.

~ There are unlimited amounts of submissions so feel free to submit all you want. However, please keep it relevant to anything related to the Gretchen Goosander series and friends.

Happy drawing!

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The Absurd Chronicles. by Kayas-Kosmos
Side-comics and skits
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Gretchen Goosander
Gretchen Goosander Study. by Kayas-Kosmos
Field of Floating Flowers. by Kayas-Kosmos
Daily doodle #13 - A total spanner by Kayas-Kosmos
Where did my dragon go? by Kayas-Kosmos
A Hop, Skip and a Jump. by Kayas-Kosmos
Draw Cwen again. by Kayas-Kosmos
Cwenhild re-draw. by Kayas-Kosmos
Human Cwen. by Kayas-Kosmos
Daily Doodle #23 - A Chaunling's curiosity by Kayas-Kosmos
King of the forest. by Kayas-Kosmos
AT: Poig~ Hello..?? by StephDragonness
AT: Poig by Drerika
Tradigital Rooey. by Kayas-Kosmos
Draw this Again - Rooey by Kayas-Kosmos
I stole your cookie! by Kayas-Kosmos
Daily doodle #20 - Rooey by Kayas-Kosmos
Mumbeltrousse (re-draw). by Kayas-Kosmos
Draw this again - Mumbeltrousse. by Kayas-Kosmos
Simpler times. by Kayas-Kosmos
Lazy Mumbeltrousse. by Kayas-Kosmos
Other characters
Draw this again - Candlit the bluecap. by Kayas-Kosmos
Candlit the bluecap (re-draw). by Kayas-Kosmos
Golden Oldie by Kayas-Kosmos
Forest monsters and hidden ones
Whistling Unicorns. by Kayas-Kosmos
Sabre-toothed Swan. by Kayas-Kosmos
Whistling Unicorn in the Woods. [+Video]. by Kayas-Kosmos
Moonstalker Re-Draw. by Kayas-Kosmos
Interesting plants and places
Draw Precarious Rock Again. by Kayas-Kosmos
Mad machines
Rooey's Ornithopter (re-upload) by Kayas-Kosmos
Multiple characters
Fireflies. by Kayas-Kosmos
Odium the Blood dragon

Mature Content

Daily doodle #18 - Doe-eyed killer by Kayas-Kosmos
Don't mind me, just derpin' around! by Kayas-Kosmos
Where in Upshire do I submit things?


Feel free to affiliate with the Absurd Five!
Wow, when was the last time I even posted a journal entry on here?

The Absurd Five is back, everyone! And guess what? It's not going to be a book anymore. Yes, for all the existential confusion this series has gone through - and despite the entire first novel having already been written - the series is now going to be a webcomic and hopefully in the future, a printed physical comic.

Now this isn't a spontaneous, whimsical change for the hell of it. There are a good number of reasons for this decision and it comes after years of deep thinking. Firstly, "The Absurd Chronicles" was never intended to be a full-novel. It was originally a series of episodic short stories that stemmed from my college animation, "Journey to Precarious Rock". An author suggested I make these into a novel, which is where things started to go wrong for the series. Bottom line, the novel is a meandering, 160,000 word mess with no through-line, because that's what happens when you string what is meant to be 10 stories into one. There is also the fact that my writing is already extremely flowery which didn't help the word count.

So what sits snugly between the world of animation and books? A medium that lends itself to episodic stories? Comics. And whereas before my writing skills were on par with my drawing skills (being... well... bleh), my drawing skills are now MUCH better than they used to be (and so are my writing skills) and I have figured out the art of visual storytelling and how to use each frame of the comic to tell the story how it was intended.

So I apologise to anyone who was eagerly anticipating a finished novel, but I personally feel like it wouldn't have done this idea justice. Beforehand I didn't take this idea very seriously in all honesty, but nowadays I have really worked hard to refine the core concepts, tone and style of the series and I feel like it is now exactly where I want it to be.

Oh and as for the Gretchen Goosander creature book I alluded to on my main account, I still would like to go ahead with this, but I want to include many more species.

Thank you all for your patience with this series and sticking with me. I appreciate all of your continued support :)
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