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Hello All,

Due to the large influx of submissions, as well as my being away from dA most of the time, I have decided to change the submission limit from two (2) deviations per day to two (2) deviations per week. I apologize for any inconvenience that this change brings!

- Kyle197
Hello all,

As many of you might have noticed, over the past 3 months many of your submissions might have expired. I would first like to apologize for that, and then explain why this has been happening.

Currently, I am the only active admin of this group. I am also a college student, and as such I was doing an internship this summer. My major (wildlife and conservation biology) often takes me to remote and internet-less areas of the US, and this summer was one such time. I was working a field technician job in a remote research station in southern Arizona. I did not have access to internet most of the summer, and as a result couldn't keep up on my duties as an admin. However, I am now back in "civilization" and will be able to more-easily accept your submissions!

If any of your submissions expired at any point over the summer, don't hesitate to re-submit them! Once again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

- Kyle
Hey guys! I want to reiterate, once again, that this group does not accept digital art.. Today I declined nearly 10 submissions because they were digitally made. This is the most I've ever had to decline in such a small amount of time. I understand people sometimes get groups mixed up and forget specific rules occasionally, but many times these are new members or "repeated offenders."

If you're a new member in this group, please make sure you read all the rules. These are located on the main page under "General Guidelines."

If you're a repeated offender, stop. Please, just stop. I hate declining submissions. It makes me feel bad. Please read the rules and abide by them.

It is common courtesy on dA to read a group's submission rules before submitting. If you frequent multiple groups, I highly suggest you quickly reread each group's rules before submitting a piece in order to make sure you get all the rules right.

Remember, this is a group based solely on traditionally made abstract art, not anything digitally made including, but not limited to, photography, fractal art, tablet painting, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation!
We have been seeing a dramatic rise in digital art submissions over the past couple of months.

This group is dedicated solely to traditional abstract art. This means no digital art.

What constitutes as digital art?
:bulletblue:Digital art is anything created with an electronic device. This includes fractal art, photography of any sort, digital manipulations, any tablet/mouse based drawing, and so on. If it was made with a computer, this isn't the group.

Please read ALL submission rules before submitting. This is common procedure for any group on dA. Our rules are laid out plainly on the right side as soon as you visit our page.

Now, on a lighter note, this group is growing tremendously! Over 700 members now with people joining every day! Submissions are climbing and climbing and we're seeing very awesome stuff. Thanks for everyone's continued support!
Hello all!

This is just a reminder, especially to you newer members:

Please, before you submit, read the submission guidelines. They are found on the right as soon as you click on the group page.

It's not that hard to read them; it takes a minute at the most.

Why am I saying this? Well, we've been getting a lot of digital art and photography stuff submitted. While they are normally all abstract, and many of them really good, we are a group designed specifically around TRADITIONAL abstract art. That means anything you physically created with an artistic medium, not something you digitally made. That means we accept anything from paintings, to drawings, to sculptures, mixed-mediums, ect. Just no digitally made/captured art.

If you want to submit anything abstract, here's a new group for you! Abstract-in-Motion Come on guys! Hit this group up! Make it successful like this group!

So anyway, please, read the rules. Then submit.

Thank you!

-Kyle (Founder)

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