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Carmilla manga cover page



If you're not watching this yet, you should. It's a web series on YouTube and it's made up of the cutest cast of characters you've ever seen. Also, most of the cast are girls and all very gay. It was like watching a yuri/S Class anime. They also have unbelievably good chemistry with each other. Exhibit A:  On the right is tiny gay, Laura Hollis, and on the left is useless lesbian vampire/brooding gay vampire, Carmilla Karnstein. She's a vampire if you haven't guessed yet by the two 'vampires' in her description, and also with the very cliche 'vampire sniffing a human's neck pose' (speaking of that pose... Citrus, anyone?). My OTP. Everyone's OTP. Well... mostly everyone's.

I didn't expect to fall in love this hard. Thanks again, Tumblr, for adding more ruin into my life.

Click on the link and start watching >>You know you want to<< and let us fangirl together!! I am a dummy! 


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