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Welcome to The-2A

"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

2A stands for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which enshrines the right to be armed, as a basic human right.

As such this group is dedicated to, but not limited to firearms of all types, and things related to them. Be they the shiniest new thing off the line, or an antique full of history, and everything in between. We're here to show off our weaponry.

Though this group is primarily dedicated to photographs of guns we also feature artwork that prominently features weapons, non-functional replicas and props, Archery related things, Nerf and airsoft along with other assorted toy guns, and pretty much anything that shoots, or looks like it shoots. Knives, sharp things, and other such weaponry are also welcome.

We do NOT accept anti-gun, anti-self defense, pro-crime, or illegal activity postings.

The history of humanity is a history of conflict, and since man first held his first tool, he also held his first weapon. Throughout history weapons have played roles of hero and villain alike, but ultimately are tools, and like any, neither good nor evil, but subject to the users intent.

That said, sign up, submit your pics, and have a good time.

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More Functioning Homemade Paper Shotgun Shells by Deorse
Real Functioning Homemade Paper Shotgun Shells by Deorse
My New Sig Sauer P365 by HectorEDefendi
Bulgarian AK-74 by IamETOH
Long Guns
marlin papoose by TreborNehoc
when the going gets tough by TreborNehoc
m6 scout by TreborNehoc
combat goose gun by TreborNehoc
joker by TreborNehoc
seecamp 32 by TreborNehoc
real old-school ammo by TreborNehoc
old-school ammo by TreborNehoc
Heavy Artillery
'Reach For The Sky'.... by TribblePom55
'Ode to Georgie'.... by TribblePom55
'Mister Big Shot'.... by TribblePom55
'Ol' Warhorse'.... by TribblePom55
Blades, Bows, and Other Weapons
camco jet space knife by TreborNehoc
blueberry knife by TreborNehoc
WZ.98NZ by Tora044
Airguns, Toys, Replicas, and Props
red ryder by LostAzimuth-Armory
shotgun plunger by TreborNehoc
golden brickarms by DAKIVIX
GHK G5 by faramon
Weapon Art
and for zombies by TreborNehoc
ialefi by TreborNehoc
gun tattoo by TreborNehoc
spooky m4 by TreborNehoc
Girls with Guns NSFW
Favourite Firearm by WonderErika
I Found This! by faramon
Guns N' Fashion - Gothic Fashion x G36K by faramon
MP5 girl by MeganeRid
My 7.62 Family :) by HectorEDefendi
LadyBug x39(3) by pringle753
LadyBug x39 by pringle753
Boom-Biddy Bye Bye by IamETOH
Text Works
FSG AP1 Automatic by CaldwellB734


My Home Defense Setup 2018 by Deorse My Home Defense Setup 2018 :icondeorse:Deorse 23 20 [FanArt] Flora by JKNewLife [FanArt] Flora :iconjknewlife:JKNewLife 147 24 Rosetta, The hell bringer by maxwindy Rosetta, The hell bringer :iconmaxwindy:maxwindy 1,343 106 Four Webley mk3 air rifles.. by johnbaz Four Webley mk3 air rifles.. :iconjohnbaz:johnbaz 4 3 Airgun by NickosDark Airgun :iconnickosdark:NickosDark 4 0 Diana mk4 air pistol by johnbaz Diana mk4 air pistol :iconjohnbaz:johnbaz 3 1 Four old airguns.. by johnbaz Four old airguns.. :iconjohnbaz:johnbaz 1 0 Crosman 357 AGA 62 by Cipher-Jin Crosman 357 AGA 62 :iconcipher-jin:Cipher-Jin 1 0 The Airgun of Airguns by SindreAHN The Airgun of Airguns :iconsindreahn:SindreAHN 2 4 TAVOR by RedWolf451 TAVOR :iconredwolf451:RedWolf451 13 5 Remington 870 Police Magnum by ChillBebop Remington 870 Police Magnum :iconchillbebop:ChillBebop 90 18 Twilight Sparkle found an M60 by GoneIn10Seconds Twilight Sparkle found an M60 :icongonein10seconds:GoneIn10Seconds 49 13 Are you ready? by Marryl Are you ready? :iconmarryl:Marryl 4 0 Mossberg Riot Converstion by FNPhil Mossberg Riot Converstion :iconfnphil:FNPhil 14 13 My AK47 Got Zombies? by vonmeer My AK47 Got Zombies? :iconvonmeer:vonmeer 38 29 Nerf Zombie Guns 3 by sonic-reducer Nerf Zombie Guns 3 :iconsonic-reducer:sonic-reducer 50 17


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So I've woefully overestimated my own ability to maintain multiple projects.  As such I really don't have time to do more than the most passive administrating of this group, and can't really put in the work it takes to keep it updated and growing, but it seems people still want to join and send in cool gun pics, so i think it's best that I hand it over to someone who's willing to put in the work.

Must be willing to approve submissions, be Pro 2nd amendment for all people, and have time to find new material for the group.  If that sounds like something you'd like to do, drop me a note.
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guardmn Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Well here is some good news.COLT FIREARMS is making Double Action Revolvers again.They are bringing back The Cobra .38 revolver.And it looks AWESOME.Check it out at COLT'S Facebook page.
guardmn Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016
I was surfing on social media and I had INSPIRATION!!!!!!As many of you know here in The California Soviet Socialist Republic.There are 2 Bills to outlaw The Bullet Button.As well as a bill to ban all Semi-Automatics with Detachable Magazines before the legislature.Of course we here in The Stalinist State will oppose this.However on the off chance that Gov.Brown signs them into law.This is what we should do.Lets all start designing what I call California Compliant Firearms.Lets design rifles that look like Semi-Autos,but instead lets use a different operating system,or design Semi_Autos with completely fixed magazines,Troy Defense already did when they made The PAR(Pump Action Rifle.)It looks like an AR-15,but it's a pump action.Oh and this rifle was also made to thumb their noses at New Yorks SAFE ACT.So lets do this and send a LOUD AND CLEAR MESSEGE to the freedom hating gun grabbing liberals in Sacramento.And say to them and please excuse my language for this "FUCK YOU CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE.GO AHEAD AND BAN ALL THE SEMI-AUTOS YOU WANT.WE WILL DESIGN MODELS THAT COMPLY WITH YOUR UNCONSITIUIONAL LAWS.AND YOU CANT DO A GODAMMN THING ABOUT IT.AND WE HOPE YOU GET VOTED OUT OF OFFICE TOO.
Fragraham Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Cali is a perfect example of why the electoral college is broken.  Basically the whole state is controlled by a few large cities.  But rest assured, in spite of what they say, the gun grabbers DO want your little pocket revolver, they DO want to take your bolt action deer rifle, they DO want your grandpas old double barrel shotgun.  They'd eventually go after muzzle loaders, pocket knives, and bows if left unchecked.
guardmn Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
OH yeah.I've known that for more than 30 years.Should Trump win the White House.I hope it causes a shitstorm of these liberal Anti-Freeedom politicians getting voted out of office.I hope they will be living in fear of their jobs.And your also right about the electorial college.It's gotta go.
Xekowarrior123 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
Hillary Clinton is making gun control a big part of her campaign.  Now, I realize that Donald Trump doesn't appeal to a lot of people.  He certainly wouldn't have been my first choice but looking at the way things have been going, he seems to be the most popular Republican candidate and probably has the best chance of winning against Hillary.  These people who say "Well I don't like any of the candidates so I'm just not going to vote at all" are idiots.  They're just making it that much easier for Hillary and her ilk to win.  You're better off picking the lesser of two evils.  So in short, vote for Trump.  Your 2nd Amendment rights depend on it.
Fragraham Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
My state will go republican no matter what, so i feel secure in voting Libertarian in hopes that we can get them enough of the popular vote to gain access to debates, and eventually break this 2 party system.  Though I admit compared to that psycho bitch, Trump would do less damage.
Xekowarrior123 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016
That's the way I'm looking at it.  Comparing Trump and Hillary is like comparing comparing the flu and ebola.
guardmn Featured By Owner Edited Feb 1, 2016
Obama Alert....President Obama has just singed an Executive Order allowing Americans to possess only 3 guns.Go to ABC for more details.Oh yeah.And all guns have to be registered with the government.
Fragraham Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This one was a hoax thankfully.
guardmn Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016
Yeah.Sorry if I scared anyone.but I do take a lesson from this.Next time I'll comfirm my Intel.
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