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Uhhhh Whatsup Doc?

By The--Kyza

Hey guys! So here is another BTTF piece, but for Doc this time.

PLEASE NOTE, I LOVE BTTF as it is & i'm NOT making these for a remake or anything else, purely just for a Facebook group known as "Brainstorm" who's weekly topic happened to be a Time Machine re-design haha.

I've always wondered what a Mclaren F1 would look like as a time machine, perhaps Doc came from quite a wealthy background? I dunno, all I know is I had a lot of fun making this & please don't take it seriously! Massive thanks to NotBland Photography for the base pic, I hope to make a few process shots as well :). If requested i'll make another Wallpaper pack as well. Thanks for the continued support!!

Hope you guys like it!

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"You made a time machine out of a McLaren?!"
"I take cutting down my lap times VERY seriously, Marty!"
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Fantastic work Khyzyl!
This baby'll need more than 1.21 gigawatts 
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Best Time machine.
Though I prefer the original 8D

nice one.
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Sweet upgrade! :D
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It's a nice idea for updating the time machine but i'd stick to the original car for it though.
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This is incredible! What I wouldn't give to have another "Back to The Future" movie!
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holy crap! my favourite car in my favourite movie
Thank you so much, Doc, for living such a life both full and fulfilling. You inspired many and touched some. Rest in peace. You've Earned it :)
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It's 2015 already and I still haven't got my own hoverboard.

SharklySweet's avatar
lexus is trying to make one just wanted to put that there.
MisterMinister's avatar
Lexus produces cars for snobs.

So this is probably going to be a hoverboard with vine holder.
SharklySweet's avatar
ehh im not a fan of them either but i can't wait to see what they come up with.
MisterMinister's avatar
Well, hopefully a hoverboard.
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