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I've been tagged by two different persons, das-Diddy and MizuFuunakami so I've gotta answer twice as much questions. XD Blimey.

01. You must post these rules.
02. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
03. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten (10) new questions for the people you tag to answer.
04. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
05. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
06. No tag backs. (you guys can tag me back if you want, but I probably wont do it again... but will answer the questions )
07. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people

10 Random Things About Me:
01. My favorite word I often use in everyday language is: "Gebüsch". That means "shrubbery" in English. But the way I use it, it means ... well ... nearly everything. Most times, it means something positive. I often say this word to show that I'm impressed, or that I can't remember the word I wanted to use in this second, or that I don't care. Am I crazy? Yes, but ... Gebüsch!

02. When I was a little child and learnt how to read, my very first favorite book was called "Was ist was? – Das Universum". It was a nonfiction book about the universe. "Was ist was" ("What is what") is a publishing company, specialized in books concerning science topics, easy to understand for kids of every age. That was when my love for the stars began. It lasts ever since.

03. I'm interested in lucid dreaming. I've read so much stuff about that topic, I know nearly everything. But I'm still lacking of the ability... If you are reading this and know anything about lucid dreams, please don't hesitate to contact me. I need every piece of help I can get. :meow:

04. I'm fascinated by nature and science, that's why I love to watch documentations or read essays, especially about biology, medicine, psychology, anatomy, anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, cosmology, astronomy, neurology, endocrinology ... and so on.

05. Sometimes I have ... uh ... wait ... what's that called? ... erm ... that ... this thingie ... uh ... you know? ... these ... ah, word finding difficulties! That was the expression. Yeah.
I hate it whenever this happens.

06. I really like the smell of lilies. Though normally I'm not so much into flowers, in this case I also like the shape and this amazing color especially of snow white lilies. I know, those are grave flowers, but since my girlfriend loves lilies so much, I suddenly started to do so, too.

07. I will NEVER, EVER cope with the way time is calculated in eastern Germany. I now live here, in the state of Saxony, where time is calculated differently from the rest of Germany (except for the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in the southwest). One year has passed, and I'm still not capable of this shit.
You! You there, you English speaking somebody on the other side of the world! Imagine, you ask a stranger: "What time is it?", and this stranger takes a look at their watch and answers: "It's quarter eight." (translated literally). Quarter eight. Now what IS this? Guess what time this could be. Please, really, GUESS! What could "quarter eight" possibly mean? Tell me. Please feel free to write down your thoughts as a comment. What do you think? Is this person maybe talking about quarter TO eight? Or could it possibly be quarter PAST eight?
But NO!
Should I tell you the answer?
Quarter eight ........ in reality, we're talking about 7:15 o'clock! It means "one quarter of an hour has already passed until the next hour will start". Wait, WHAT?!
And do you wanna know the time, half an hour past this? Well, take a guess!
Wanna know?
That, folks, is called three-quarter eight. Three-quarter eight means 7:45 o'clock.
Seriously, guys, this makes no sense. Never will. Never ever. In the rest of Germany, normal people count in normal ways. Quarter past eight means quarter past eight. And quarter to nine means quarter to nine. Things could be so easy. They're not. Not here in Saxony.

08. Whenever I can, I recite lines out of books or films or songs ... or aphorisms, or poems ... just because those words fit into a conversation. I know them all by heart. And my pool is quite impressive.

09. There are NEVER too many books, just too little shelf... I love books and I own tons and tons of them.

10. I love the German language. I feel like I'm one of the last ones who do so. Nowadays you find so much stupidity and so little intelligence out there. People don't read anymore. No one is interested in poems and in culture. So, so, so many people cannot properly write German (I'm talking about those ones whose mother tongue is German, aight?)
I am an author, I'm a poet, I love to read books. That's why I can't comprehend how other people can be so ignorant. They're not even willing to learn how to properly write ... and TALK! They don't even understand the importance of correct grammar and orthography. Sometimes (especially on the Internet) I can barely guess what others wanna tell me, just because they don't care about punctuation, or words that are usually written in capital letters, or grammar and so on. And it really hurts sometimes whenever I get to listen to one of those "Yo duuuude, yo momma's a MILF, duuuude, and I'm fuckin' her day'n'night, duuuuude"-guys. Seriously, OUCH!

das-Diddy's questions:
01. What did you want to become as a child?
For a really long period of time, I wanted to become a police officer. XD In the end, one thing kept me from adhering to this idea: I don't like other people. :lol:

02. What is the craziest thing you ever did in public?
Dunno? Maybe walking around in cosplay. Shopping in cosplay is awesome. But that zombie-walk I once joined here in the middle of the city of Leipzig – I think that was PRETTY crazy.

03. Did you ever have an imaginary friend or do you still have one?
One? THOUSANDS! XD Seriously: be a cosplayer, and have cosplaying friends ... and you will never be alone anymore in your head, EVER! There are always at least ten different voices, they're talking, laughing, shouting, making jokes ... and one unceasingly hums the melody of Tetris.

04. Who's you favorite author?
That is, and forever will be, Dan Simmons. :heart:
Go and buy his books, "Hyperion" and "Endymion", NOW!
This style of writing is stunning. It makes me shiver, and cry, and laugh, and smile, and unable to lay aside those books.
If I only could be half the author he is! :heart: :heart: :heart:

05. Do you believe in magic, mystic thing and/or fortune?
Sometimes, yes, and sometimes not. The point is: I do want to believe, but the next second the scientist inside my brain yells: "Go home, Draco, you're drunk!" ...Well, no, not exactly, but ... you get the point, aight?
I always wish mythical things and magic and stuff were true, but whenever a show wizard tries to tell me "that's no trick, it's real!" I'm not able to believe them. Not a second.
It's a pity, isn't it?

06. What would you do at the last day of your life?
Die, obviously.
You can ask some questions!
...But before I die, I think I'd gather, like, a ton of narcotics so that I won't be awake and feel myself die. :| I'm afraid of that hour.
......And before THAT, I guess I'd spend my last few hours together with the girl I love most of all and forever will love till my last heartbeat. :heart:

07. If you could be amazingly good at something, what would it be?
Write books just as good as good ol' Dan Simmons does, maybe? That'd be awesome.
Alternatively I think I'd like to be able to perfectly speak and write dozens of different languages. The possibilities, the possibilities!

08. Which pet would you love to have? (fantastic creatures included)
Pet? I'd like to BE a dragon! :D I guess my name's giving that away, huh?
But well, I think a dragon as a pet would be cool, too. Better than nothing. X3
Or alternatively .... do extremely highly intelligent computer programs count as "pets"? :3 I'd like to have an armada of robot Velociraptors! :heart: XD

09. If something would fullfill one wish for you, would you use it for yourself or for someone else?
That's difficult. Maybe I'd try to combine both. For example, I could wish for ten million bucks. Doesn't mean, I'd have to keep all of them for myself.

10. What is the scariest thing you ever read in a book or saw on a movie?
Normally I don't like scary horror stuff. I barely watched such films or read such books.
But what really scared me for my life were the Teletubbies. Hell, small children watch this? And they don't get nightmares? O__o° Nowadays children are hardcore...
:XD: No, just kidding.
But pretty scary was this one song I heard. The band's name is "Eden weint im Grab", the song's title: "Grabesstille", that would be "Grave Silence" in English. He sings about what it's like to be in his grave, cold, alone, while he watches his body decaying.
...But wait, there was one thing, that was worst. I will never, ever forget what I saw in my entire life. No movie. No book. Just real life. And that were the news in TV, back then, September 11th, 2001. The day the World Trade Center fell and so many innocent people died.
This was hell.

MizuFuunakami's questions:
01. Why do you do with in this tag?
Why I participate this tag ... meme ... game ... question answering ... thingy? I think, it's funny. Maybe one or two people even read this and might find me interesting. Partly this is also useful to practice my English. So please, everyone out there, if you have spotted mistakes, please teach me how to use the respective phrase correctly! :>

02. Are you satisfied with your life?
At least NOW I am. I haven't always been. But I think now I can say: those past few months and years have been the happiest in my life. And it's getting better and better with every week, every month, every year I spend with my beloved girlfriend, with my friends, indulging in cosplays and other hobbies ... and being employed, at long last.

03. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
I wish I could calculate. I suffer from a weak version of dyscalculia which makes me unable to use complex mathematical formulas. When I say "weak version", I mean that I can calculate (at least a bit), and I can use simple formulas, and my difficulties with time, measurement, and spatial reasoning are not that bad, but I always forget important numbers, I cannot learn formulas by heart, and I have no comprehension for huge quantities.
If I only have known earlier of this illness, or if I only didn't have it, I'd have had no problems in gaining my "Abitur", that's the diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission. That's why here I stand, intelligent but not able to study whatever I want at a university. So if I could change one thing in my life, I'd like to be able to learn mathematics normally. And then I could imagine to study, get a better job and earn more money.

04. Which name do you find beautiful? Name at least one male and one female, and what importance they have, if they have one.
I must admit, I have never dealt with this question before. :XD:
I'd say, I like the female name Wynona. I don't exactly know, why. It sounds beautiful. Once in a fanfiction, I named an old, wise, blind grandmother Wynona. It was the most fitting name I could have found for this woman.
Considering a male name, I think I'd choose Endymion. Old-fashioned, I know. But I've dealt with this name so much, especially considering the character in Sailor Moon and the character in Dan Simmons' "Hyperion Cantos" (even though there "Endymion" is not a forename but a family name ... ah, whatever) ... I simply love it!

05. Which nickname do you have and how you came to you?
I'm called Draco. This is the name of the main character of DragonHeart, an old but beautiful film about a wise dragon and a noble knight who are bond by a remarkable friendship. I love this movie so much, that's why I choose this name every time I need a new account somewhere on the Internet.

06. Where would you like to live, if it's not the reality? Every fictional world is possible.
Recently, Hyrule (Legend of Zelda) would be my first answer. Especially the Hyrule of "Twilight Princess" is awesome and beautiful.
Apart from that I like Alagaësia (Eragon) ... particularly because of the dragons, the elves and the werecats.

07. In a role-playing game you'd like to which category? (male or female, as well as wizards, fighters, thief, pirate, dragon rider, ...)
I'd love to be a male swordsman-magician with the power to transform into a dragon. :XD: Imba, I know. But I don't freaking care. :>

08. And which race you would have loved if it could not be human, and you must choose between all the races?
I'd definitely be an elf. Or maybe, alternatively, some kind of a shadow-being. *_*

09. Would you stand on the side of good or evil?
Both are tempting. But I guess, I'd rather choose the good side.

10. Who will accompany you on your adventures? It would be a large group or just a few, or no, but a companion animal?
Good question. If I really could be a male elfin swordsman-magician with the ability to turn into a dragon, I might be strong enough to travel alone. But if I had company, I think that would rather be a small group, maybe just one person, at best with the ability to fly, and maybe one companion pet (perhaps something small and hairy and cute and cuddly? Or maybe instead another dragon? Seriously, you can never have enough dragons! :D)

My 10 questions:
01. What was the most beautiful dream you've ever had about?
02. Which book and/or movie has changed your life?
03. Where do you want to travel to? (real and/or fictional)
04. What do you fear the most? (apart from dying or seeing someone beloved die)
05. What was a useful trick you've learned in your life?
06. What kind of superhero ability would you like to have?
07. If you had a time machine, what date would you like to see and why?
08. If you could build a whole new planet after your fancy, what would it be like?
09. If you were granted the answer to one question, what would that question be?
10. If you could be invisible, what would you do?

I tag:
That's the first and only rule I'm breaking. I don't like to tag people and make them do what they don't want. Plus, I won't find ten people, there are just eight. I only choose some friends who are respectfully asked if they like to do this meme. Nobody's obliged.
But I'd be very happy to get some reactions. :D I've put some time and energy and work into this after all, so maybe one or two souls could do me a favor, please, and go on with this funny little game. ^^ Will you?

So I'm asking those people:
...and whoever else would like to participate. ^^
Please tell me if you joined. I'd love to read your answers.

That's all, folks. I'm done.
But ... just because I can ...
I'm gonna answer my own questions. :3 Who will stop me?

So, let's begin:

01. What was the most beautiful dream you've ever had about?
I once dreamt about a beautifully and very detailed drawn painting, made of acrylic colors. There was a prince in his cyber-armor. On his shoulder was sitting a fluffy, lemur-like alien creature. In front of the prince was an android, half woman and half machine. Behind the prince there was a battle robot with the shape of a gorilla; it looked pretty angry, as if it was some kind of a bodyguard that wanted to protect the prince. All of them were standing on top of a plateau, so in the background you could look miles and miles into the distance, where a dark forest grew on this alien planet. It was night. There was a gigantic moon rising over the horizon, illuminating the prince and his companions from behind.
That was very beautiful indeed.

02. Which book and/or movie has changed your life?
I know I've said that way too often by now, but I can only repeat: the one and only books in my life are and always will be the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, as well as the one and only movie in my life is and always will be DragonHeart. Even though this stuff is old by now, I still love those two stories. They are breathtaking and brilliant and excellent and ... awesome.
Maybe its just me. Maybe no one else in this universe could be interested in this stuff, not even a bit. But to me those two stories – as different as they are – they mean everything.

03. Where do you want to travel to? (real and/or fictional)
Fictional: If there's an alien planet somewhere out there in the universe that is filled with intelligent life, I'd love to see it. Maybe something beautiful like Pandora (Avatar).
Real: I love the USA. If I had more money and more time, I'd spend weeks and weeks there. :heart:

04. What do you fear the most? (apart from dying or seeing someone beloved die)
I hate wasps. Tiny creatures, yes, but there are always SO MANY. And they always attack me for no reason. :( Useless beasts!

05. What was a useful trick you've learned in your life?
Imagine you had to choose between two things. You want both really hard. But you HAVE TO choose one. Here's a simple trick: take a coin. Decide what is heads and tails. And then play pitch-and-toss. The point is: you don't really have to take whatever the coin tells you to do. But now, that the decision is clearly made, you can feel either relieved or uncomfortable. In the first case, your subconscious is happy about the way everything turned out, so you can take this decision. In the second case, you know that the other opportunity would have been better ... so take that!

06. What kind of superhero ability would you like to have?
It'd be cool to have mind-reading and mind-controlling abilities. That's pretty useful in everyday life. And I think it's hard to prove WHO does this stuff with the minds of everyone.
Think of all the possibilities! :heart:

07. If you had a time machine, what date would you like to see and why?
Oh, so many! I wanna see everything: the dinosaurs, the evolution of mankind, the old Greeks and Romans, Socrates, the Middle Ages, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the Victorian London, Schiller, Goethe, Heinz Erhardt, Albert Einstein and Arthur Eddington, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but also the future in thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand, one hundred thousand years, and finally the day the Earth will die in a ball of flame...
But if it was for one – and only one – date, I think I'd like to travel to my own past and warn my younger self not to do some things, to do some things earlier instead, and to change my own life to the better.

08. If you could build a whole new planet after your fancy, what would it be like?
Warmer. I don't like the cold. More land, less oceans. Huge old forests with rivers and waterfalls, maybe a bit like Pandora (Avatar). Not so much huge mountains, just a few, and only on their tops can be found snow, nowhere else. Just one small desert is enough. Big, futuristic towns, but with lots and lots of space to the next one. Maybe even flying space stations, orbiting the planet. Thousands of fantastic creatures. Peoples with the ability to use magic spells and high technology at the same time. Unknown secrets and old relicts. Dark, old graveyards. Colorful underwater life. A sky in the color of Lapis lazuli, with one huge moon and six small ones.
Yup, that'd be pretty cool.

09. If you were granted the answer to one question, what would that question be?
What is intelligent life on other planets like?

10. If you could be invisible, what would you do?
I most certainly would sneak into the home of German chancellor Angela Merkel and see how she lives. What does her house look like? What does she talk to her family? What does her home outfit look like when she's not standing in front of a camera or in front of a bunch of other politicians? Strange thoughts, yeah, I know, but nonetheless quite interesting. :>




Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: Germany - Saxony (Sachsen)


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