How is everyone?

Just checking in to rate your satisfaction and experience with the group thus far. Feel free to leave any comments about what you like, what you don't like, things you would like to see, etc, so I (we) know what we can improve on!

Now I have a favor to ask from you...
We're looking to increase our membership and do more challenging and fulfilling activities here, but we need more members. So, if any of you know anyone who might be interested in our groups' offerings, whether it's for following/viewing, submitting their own works, or learning more about photography, please invite them to join us! We would like to do more contests and unique events, but it's hard with so few people. I understand the nature of the group lends itself to less members, but even budding photographers can surely appreciate what we have to offer, plus contests and such would be open to everyone of all skill levels of course. So, if you could, ask your dA friends/family if they are interested in joining. Us admins are trying to spread the word like crazy, since our group seems relatively unknown.

Thanks everyone, and keep the great photos coming! :camera:

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April 4, 2016
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