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Congratulations, Marco!

Our panel determined that this photo best represented the most true and natural form of "decay". Below is the combined response from the judges:

This photograph strongly brought out the "beauty of decay". The nature around the house is strong, full of light and life, but takes your eye into the abandoned place. The light and foliage simply draw you in, and the image seems to come to life. You don't immediately realize at the center of the image is this decaying building, but once you do, you feel it is counterbalanced by the nicely illuminated foliage, which stands for life. The photo displays decay as having a positive outlook, rather than just bleak death. It hints that life still flourishes among death. In a sense, this image is trying to tell you a story of its history- a picture of something which is decaying, yet makes you consider whom/what/when once inhabited this place. It makes you think of the life that once existed there. This picture tells a story.

The finer details are what makes the picture. As pointed out, the illuminated trees stand for life, the way they are exposed accenting the building, yet falling off near the frame, leaving the building as "in the spotlight" on stage. The generic-ness of the greenery makes the building that much more impressive. The vignette helps to create a cyclone effect from the borders, towards the building. The sky, being wholly overexposed, may represent pure life, new life, afterlife, in a sense, especially given the proximity to the building. Notice the shadows of the windows and ground-level, the strong darkness representing just the opposite of the sky- a feeling of non-existence. These deep shadows add a bit of a fear factor, making the building appear both menacing and magical; a really nice touch. The contrasts and gradients of the trees is reminiscent of a story or fairytale landscape, bringing the entire package together.

In the end, the focus and attention to detail are very well done, and help deliver the theme in a cutting-edge way. Great shot with great ambience.

Thanks again to those who took part!

Contest complete!

Many, many thanks to the five of you who took part. We really didn't expect to get any participation given how small our group is, so it's huge that you guys took part. :hug:

So, we're going to take a couple of days and discuss your entries. The one we consider the best will receive a lengthy positive review, and be showcased in our contest winner folder. May your photo and its techniques be an inspiration to others! :beer:

See you in a few days with our winner!

Also, anyone, please let me know if you'd like to see future contests. We don't want to waste anyone's time if there is little participation. :)


:star: We're now accepting ALL images, not strictly new photos, in hopes to get more participation.
:star: Deadline changed to October 31.

First off, we'd like to officially offer a warm welcome, and say a great big thank you for being part of our family. We look very forward to seeing your great photos and learning more about your individual styles of photography!

Now, on to our first contest!

:star: Theme: Decay

Autumn is the time of year when the trees shed their livelihood to begin preparing for the dormancy of winter. For our first contest, The--Cutting--Edge is proud to announce "Decay" to kick off the start of the calendar season. We want to see your interpretation of the word. Photograph bones, ruins, sadness, moss, whatever inspires you!

:iconupdateplz:  We're extending the deadline one month.

:star: Entry period: September 1st - October 31st, midnight EST

:star: Submit to the "Decay contest" folder

:star: Result:

The admin staff will collaborate on the decision of one finalist, 1-2 days after the contest concludes.
The winner will receive a featured blog- a lengthy positive critique of their photo, and placement in our contest winners folder.

We realize we aren't a populated group yet, so we really, really hope that you can find the time to take part in this.

Feel free to post questions and comments. We want our contests to be something fun and worthwhile.

Remember, the larger the better, and as always, be cutting-edge!

Good luck everyone!

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