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All people is in this group because is a fan of The Big Four. I know that many of us would love that the Big Four come to the big screen. For that we must mobilize, attract attention of Disney and DreamWorks.

We must write a common movie script. At fisrt we could do a short film for attract attention. People can submit these scripts at folder: Movie scripts. Later they will be submitted to popular vote in a poll.

When we have the movie script, people that be good with storyboard could do it. Later the cartoons, animation and finally submit it to YouTube and to advertise for all Internet and social networks.

Remember that they are from different epoques (i have solved this problem in my comic…) and you can use characters of all movies and also original characters). Design scenary, original characters, dialogues, anything. If we have good luck, in a few years, months with many many many many many good luck, we could came the Big Four to the movies!

We make history, creating the first partnership between disney and dreamworks!
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About Jack Frost, Merida, Rapunzel and Hiccup!!!!!
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There is already a movie fanpage for Big Four Movie at big-four-movie on here, and you will have competition in the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fanfilm thing.

We will not accept defeat. Good luck and may the best movie win.
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anyone a hiccup rper here cause i literally dreamed that i rped with a hiccup 
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So this is the second time a submission of mine has expired—I was wondering what the status was on the founders.  LIke, are they too busy to check the group messages, and if they are, maybe find someone who has a bit more time on their hands to answer and accept/decline submissions?    (I'm probably not the only one miffed about expired submission, but I'm just voicing my thoughts here...)
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Um, I submitted a picture here a little while ago, but it still says "awaiting approval" .... 
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It would mean the world to us! :)
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THE BIG FOUR'S ENEMIES ARE :icondisneyhadesplz: + :iconerisplz: = :iconpitchplz: where Hades is Voldemort, Eris is Bellatrix Lestrange, and Pitch is Severus Snape. :D
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Thank you very much for the request! :D
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