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2MB, be patient!
Sorry for this unique pixelsize (1650x780) but I really didnt want to cut off the poor tail of this fantasy raptor. D:

Well, everyone knows about the fact that birds are the descendants of the dinosaurs, just wanted to point that out. :P
And chickens are strange, definitly, lets hope this raptor is not getting hungry...

Wanted to go into detail this time. C:
Background texture based on [link] by :iconenchantedgal-stock:

Thanks and Enjoy!
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thats really cute :happybounce: 
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pretty funny and kind of cute 

Dinosaur: Did i now you Mister ? 

Chicken: Maeby :)
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I love how the raptor is just like:
And he chicken is just like:
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Do you like theropod dinosaurs? :D

This drawing is just awesome, like usual. Though, with all due respect, your raptor doesn't look like any of the Oviraptorosauria clade members, nor Maniraptora for that matter. Aves evolved from within the Dinosauria clade indeed, but due to the fact that they formed a clade of their own, even more diverse than Dinosauria, and they are not... lizards anymore, the beginning of birds should've been pointed out by one of the species in these clades in my opinion, maybe even Protarchaeopteryx itself. Birds are a new story.

May I ask which species inspired your dinosaur? Do your have any favourite species?

I sure do. First in my top three theropods is Allosaurus. This figurine is the closest to the real thing, some say:…  and… for a better view.

Second is Piatnitzkysaurus, which is the cutest dinosaur mother nature did IMO. These are it's bones :… You do the judgement. No one can tell how it actually looked like.

And third on my list is Baryonyx. It's quite manistream, I'm sure you know about it (spinosaurus relative).

Sauropods are awesome too, It's impressive how mother nature was able to come up with creatures like Ankylosaurus and Triceratops. No more talking about argentinosaurus and brachiosaurus... There is no limit to creation, just some universal rules. 
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Hey, I like the first two pics.
I didn't take any specific species as reference nor worked with correct anatomy. It should just "look like a raptor". :)

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Me too. That figurine isn't extremely expensive though (some £17 plus shipping, here in the uk) - I'll get mine asap. Papo did their homework, and Allosaurus isn't the only one they did. 

Oh, so that was your own idea then! Cool! It looks cool, I wish there was a species like that. It's not impossible. 

Dinosaurs kinda inspired all of our reptile like fantasy creatures (not fully, but to some degree). 

Nature's own "take on dragons" for example, would be the dinosaur species Dracorex. This is a accurate reconstruction of Dracorex :… The only thing though... dracorex was a plant eater actually ^^;

U know what i mean? ^^ Our fantasies aren't much different from the nature we know of. It's all the same all around this universe, and there is an infinity of possibilities. I strongly believe there are similar, much more evolved creatures living out there on some other planet. Smart creatures, with sociable behaviour like humans and orcas. Nature never does the exact thing twice, she always does better. 
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17 pounds is nice. My friend also has a huge Papo collection. :) Wow the Dracorex looks cool, someone was smart enough to give him an appropriate name. :P

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That sounds awesome. I'll have my own papo collection one day I believe. 

Indeed. Some believe nature was about to give the top predators one of the most awesome abilities: Flying. There was a big chance for dragon like flying creatures to occur at some point (actually... wyverns to be precise. Creatures with four legs and wings wouldn't anatomically make much sense apparently). 

People are talking about the end of the world, but if u ask me I'll say it already happened, 66 million years ago when K-Pg occured. An asteroid had put an end to life on earth as it should've been. ^^; ...
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Evolution's a bitch ain't it.
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It's time to eat=P (Razz)
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poor han :tombstone:
I really like the dinosaurs :-)
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like twins amg *^*
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It really is amazing the details that you did! Frankly, it's beautifu l:D! Keep it up :clap: ! I feel that this big dinosaur gonna eat that chicken :XD:
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The chicken certainly thinks it's about to die... although the raptor just seems a bit confused.
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Jurassic park all over again but now with chickens
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Raptor- We will sink so deep? :-?
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why are you so amazing !!!!
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Don't eat it it's your child
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If I were velocirapter, I eat chicken :u
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Oh no, he can't eat his uber great grand kid!

AWESOME looking raptor!
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