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Disney Style Development

I just felt like doing this^^
Think about what you want.
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isnt it because phineas and ferb are made by people who originally make crappy animated cartoons for cheap humor so they can get tons of money? i could be wrong
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Uh no thats definitely not a point.
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ill go get my torches and pitchforks and then get a mob to visit the person who told me that then :)
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I think the abstraction has primary to do with decreasing animation (production) costs and as well as the target group (younger children) don't really question the design quality.
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i have been seeing that a lot lately, where cartoons look not just shoddy but morbidly creepily nasty... adventure time may be a little fun but it still looks a bit off (and a number of other cartoons ive seen that would have made my childhood nightmare filled... more than it was)
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Maybe you grew old. ;)
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*waves cane around* i ain't old! i'm just.... worn out .-.
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Tell me about it...
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They went from good to shit.
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Well cartoons are always different from each other and have different artist working on them.
Traditional is nice but is got expensive and since computers are common now it's a little more cheaper.
I enjoy both old and new.
the thing I don't like about phineas and ferb is the fact that they absolutely HAVE to have a song in every episode
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I used to love watching the Gummi Bears when I was younger <3 but I can't stand the newer programs :/ Phineas and Ferb is OK, but I still prefure the good old stuff <3
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Um, what happened?
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Disney Channel and Nickelodeon have all gone to hell :iconohshitplz:
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Further proof that nothing beats the classics
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I hate Phineas and ferb. What is happened with the old animations? i'm disappointed. Im sure that Disney can make better things than this crappy animation.
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Yeah what the hell happen its like they de evolved when it came to drawing
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phineas and ferb may be interesting... but it seems that they r just focusing on abstract artists now. I mean look at the shape of the buildings, people's bodies, head shapes, etc. Disney is just hiring anyone who can make them money!
SheTheTDE's avatar
waht the hell happened there?
It's like their hiring anyone who can hold a pencil right.
I feel that most of what's on DIsney isn't as good as the older Disney show like Darkwing duck and Timon & Pumbaa. But I do like phineas & Ferb. That is only cartoon worth watching on DIsney. Way better than Fish hooks.

I still feel Disney has lost ALOT of its magic.
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In fact, the 90's western cartoons and Disney Classics are good while the newer cartoons looks more the simple characters than the anything. This is one of main reason I prefer realism style over the 2010's disney shows style.
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Walt would be sad to see this ;A; I bet he's crying in his grave to see what Disney is now.
Classic Disney was AMAZING but now.. Disney is dead gone.
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agreed I bet he's rolling enough to power NY
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