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If you're reading this, you're bored. That, or uncomfortably interested in who I am...

Long story short, ask me, I like telling people stories, and my own is quite a good one (if you're into comic tragedies and occasional deviations into Monty Python).

I'm no angel, but I keep the wings, just in case :floating:

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Anything Miyazaki
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2 Steps from Hell
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Where do I start?
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Sorry what? I make this stuff up as I go
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Reading, Writing, Drawing and Talking, often all at the same time...
Hmm... Far Cry 5 has a guy called Nick that flies a plane as your ally... now I'm possibly going to get it. If he's a snappy one-liner type, all the better.
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Two funerals in two weeks, I'm exhausted... call me in 2019...
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Well, now I'm alone. Friday is the first funeral, next Friday is the other. Both of my surviving relatives gone in less than a month. Anyone needs me, that's where I'll be.
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Happy Birthday dude. Hope your are still exploring and doing well in life!
Sup bro!? It's been a while since I've seen you online, how are things holding up on your end? I'm asking because the last journal you posted was in 2014, so some time has passed... I hope everything is well; I hope to chat with you later too! I've been dabbling in some literature with support from Tybius who I met through PSN; we'll talk more later if your still on! :highfive:
Heya! Yeah, I'm an honest-to-RNGesus lurker these days. There's been a lot going on and my computer time is so limited that it's all I can do to just view everyone's uploads, writing out my own journal or finishing off any of my sketches is currently a fleeting dream to my over-worked self.

Good to see you're still alive and kicking, though, and that people haven't forgotten me. Heck, if I have time, I may even post up these unfinished bits I've got just floating around my drives. Also, went on holidays, have photos of awesome nature, as usual. But that's all just stuff that I have for now. Work is hell, 12 hour days on average, family, friends... Real life is difficult once you're 30.
Dood!  You're like, gone or something!
Man, I'm ded... talk to you about it sometime, but I'm going the way of the Dodo bird.
Seems like something big is going on on your side.
No, something bad. Not something I can talk about in a public forum, because it involves a family member, but basically I'm completely out of time for things like drawing and creating just about anything.

I haven't done anything like drawing for months now, not even my practice work to keep my eye in, I'm hopelessly out of form. Not to mention all my energy is just being drained to the point of insomnia, health problems and the desire to just run away and never come back. As you can imagine, that wouldn't help anything, so I'm kind of stuck.

If I can come back from this, then you'll find me here again, drawing up a storm thanks to all the bottled-up creativity I'm suppressing, but I can't allow myself to waste time on me when there's so much that needs to be done for someone else.

It's not all bad news though, I'm actually going to be getting some time for just me, something to look forward to is always worth the time it takes to get there. In short; I've booked a different sort of holiday for next February than I would usually book. Instead of going to Africa to visit relatives, or to somewhere else in the world where I could do the same, I'm going to chase the Aurora Borealis in the north of Sweden (a place called Abisko) for five days. End of February I'll be out there ticking things off my proverbial Bucket List, like 'standing on ice that can support my weight without cracking' (I'm going ice fishing), and 'take a walk in snow deep enough to be inconvenient' (living in England I've never had snow deep enough to actually need me to change shoes, so out there I'll be going snow-shoe trekking) and finally... [drum roll please] staying a night in the Ice Hotel!

So... a mixed bag of things. Right now I'm terrible and may not be able to do anything or be anywhere but IRL helping out, but I have something awesome to look forward to, and things can always get better.

Catch you around! :floating:
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