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Hey you who draws furries! I need art. Science-fantasy. Photoshop finishing preferred but pure drawings (if fucking awesome) do it also.

It's going to be a cover art, so dimensions of A4 preferred.

Full picture, not just characters but also background etc.

If you are interested post here and show me what your drawing style is.

I am picky because I know what I want. So if I don't choose you don't feel bad, your stuff just isn't something I am looking for.

I can't pay anything, so you don't get nuthin'.

I'm going to publish the stuff for free (at the moment, can't promise that though) but I'll need rights (or some other legal boringness) to use the picture you create. Naturally you as an artist are noted and highlighted and deviant linked in credits and all what you want.

As a furry drawer I don't have to explain, that when I say "pig with gun" it is a human-pig-hybrid who stands in two feet and can operate items. Naturally squirrel-guy is shorter than elephant-guy but both should fit in normal human range (something like 150cm for squirrie and 215cm for phauntie).

Okay, the picture:

-Four guys standing and posing, but not too obviously posing for the viewer, but just being cool.
- Cyber-enchanted pig mechanic (profession). There could be cyberhand with fingers as various tools, left eye as some kind of apparatus to see stuffz better etc. And he's a mechanic, so the clothing should be appropriate. Or maybe jeans and a leather jacket? Rock-a-billy theme cyber-pig? I don't know, you're the artist!
- Foxy psionic fox. For me "sexy" human-animals is a weird thing, but fox psionic? Isn't she supposed to be hot? Not bikini hot, but some kind of jumpsuit or something. I like purple and black with psionics but are those colors wonky with foxy red? What about grey fox (or what those critters are)? Nevermind... but her psionic powers must show. I don't know how, maybe aura or something.
- You have seen barbarians? Conan? Make that tall bulky elephant guy a barbarian. He's got this huge ass sword with some cool stuff. Not an ordinary two-handed sword but with... sawblade or something... energyblade? Is that cool? Fuck yes it is!
- Rat who obviously is Splinter Cell agent/commando/special forces guy. He knows how to sneak, climb, be undetected... so make him some gadgets and stuff like that. And he has got this SILENCED PLASMA SNIPER RIFLE! That's right! I don't know what it is, but you sure can draw one! And it's awesome!

The background will be some planetary view. I am seeing something Mars-ish (red planet) or something. And there could be two moons or something to make it out-of-this-world-and-totally-science-fantasy! Yeah? And a spaceship? I don't want too much going on there but the picture should look like those guys are there not just to pose for this picture.

SO are YOU up to this free "I don't pay you but I credit the hell-outta-you" task?

Send me message or something!