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New face for an old nerd by ThatWildMary New face for an old nerd by ThatWildMary
If I told people about how this little guy changed they wouldn't even believe it's the same kid
But it kind of isn't !! Since he changed so much in many ways, but deep inside, he's still himself, right.
He's been a vampire creature thing, he was a ghost for a while, his animal form is still very ghost like in a way (symbolism and all)
But none of that for him now.
Lil Aria gets a chance to be a normal and happier human bean like deserves to be :3c
It is weird not drawing a scarf over his neck and... so colorful... but I'm happy with the way this lil guy is going.....
I wanna make more outfits for this kid, actually draw him more and all that...
Because I have such an emotional attachment to this lil guy...
He's still smol, shy and a nervous babie, and loves making new friends but he's terrible at starting conversations~
He likes wearing long sleeves he can tie (and cut when it's too long) over the side with no arm 8,3
Baby is embarrassed about his lil arm nub...
Also I haven't drawn his legs yet but he's ok with either pants or shorts, his legs are aaalright

Aw I'm so happy I can draw my lil guy again :3c
Anomalia-Magnetica Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
The boi is back! :iconluvluvplz:
MayhWolf Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Student General Artist
Such a good boi
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